Shella Rinou was a female Human smuggler who worked alongside the Herglic Kelric. Shella was the youngest daughter of Malcolm Dallory, the captain of a fleet of smuggling vessels. She left home to learn the business from the ground up, accompanied by Kelric. Headstrong, bright, and a bit too sure of herself, Shella was kept in place (and in one piece) by Kelric.

Shella was the owner of the light freighter, the Listing Dewback. At some point, she journeyed to Rodia to deliver a cargo of weapons to a client. However, the client had vanished and the leader of a local population of Chekkoo Rodians claimed him to have "shucumbed to the dangers of our Ekloska forests." The Rodians moved in on Shella and Kelric to take the weapon shipment, however the two smugglers made their escape in time.

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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide states that Shella Rinou is nineteen years old. According to The New Essential Chronology and the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook, the events of the Shadows of the Empire multimedia project take place in 3.5 ABY, which would place Rinou's date of birth in approximately 16 BBY.