The Shelsha sector was a sector of the galaxy over fifty lightyears wide. Shelkonwa was capital world of Shelsha sector.

The Mungra were one of only two native sentient species.[2][3]

During the Rebellion era, the Imperial sector governor was Barshnis Choard and the chief administrator was Vilim Disra. At this time, the only Imperial military units active in the sector were Imperial Army garrisons on Minkring and Chaastern 4, the Imperial Star Destroyer Reprisal, and several patrols of Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers.[2]

The sector had considerable problems with pirates, especially the BloodScar gang. Leia Organa was briefly held captive by the Galactic Empire (after Vilim Disra turned her in) there in 0.5 ABY. During the same time, the sector was the site of the Teardrop massacre.[2]

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