Shen-and-Gretta Pikeual-Angeles of Lorrd, or Pike Angeles for short, was a trim Lorrdian male with ash-blond hair and an innocent-looking, round face. He was generally seen to be a cheerful individual, though this changed when he worked undercover, but was tired of being ribbed about his full name, preferring to go by Pike Angeles. As with the rest of his species, Pike was extremely perceptive, as well as being very adept at reading body language, and mimicking the voices and mannerisms of others, including alien species, once he had time to study them. In addition to these qualities, he was also very good at capturing the attitudes and mannerisms of each person he was imitating from a cocky TIE pilot to a stuffy bureaucrat.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pike was once a member of the Imperial Navy, but converted to the Rebel Alliance shortly after his second tour of duty when he discovered irrefutable evidence that the Galactic Empire condoned slavery, something he had always refused to believe. As he was an Academy man with a background in engineering, he was immediately given a position as an engineer in the Rebel command center on Dantooine where he was in charge of the tech team which was modernizing the Rebels' first fleet of Y-wings which had only recently been acquired. He spent several months there stripping down and revamping the starfighters, always restless for more action, and it was in fact he who suggested leaving the body shell off of the engines to ease repairs. During the trials for these modifications he was given an astromech droid, R2-S4, to help conduct tests; the droid would later help him in the field.

While he was working there he met with General Airen Cracken, who recognized that he was aching for a chance to get into the field, and would often have games of sabacc with him, among other members of the base. The base soon discovered that they should never play sabacc with a Lorrdian, as he would often win even their clothes from them as well as most of their pay vouchers. It was during one of these games that Angeles managed to win an astromech droid, R2-D2, from Captain Raymus Antilles, though he agreed to give the droid back in exchange for a field position; luckily he was given exactly what he wanted, otherwise the Death Star plans may have never made it back to Yavin 4. He was given a position stealing brand new Imperial starships for the Alliance. He managed to use sympathetic contacts within the engineering and military circles he was familiar with, as well as his own practical knowledge of Imperial vessels, to amass an impressive database of Imperial codes and starship schematics.

He would later use this information to gain access to vessels, usually shuttles, within the Imperial Navy. Most often he would pose as an officer, simply walking into some backwater Imperial installations with faked "orders" that said he was to requisition the ship. He managed to use the codes he had acquired mixed in with his knowledge of navy protocols to bluff his way in and, once he was in a ship, simply flew it to a rendezvous point which had previously been arranged with the Rebel Alliance. Whenever he happened upon an unguarded ship, however, he would usually break in and override the ship's onboard computer, again taking the ship to a rendezvous point.

Pike would tend to concentrate his efforts more on the outlying Imperial outposts, rather than the Coreward installations which had more security where his sometimes-dated access codes would be challenged. However, he lived in constant fear of running into his former classmates from the Academy who could recognize him, blowing his cover; he worried that he may have to one day kill one of his old friends. Over the years he managed to amass quite the collection of fake identities: Com. Roget Teres, Lt. Gileas of Supply, and Lt. Com. Nim of Imperial Intelligence to name but a few. Although he usually worked with his astromech droid R2-S4, he was also known to have occasionally accompanied small groups on missions if obtaining a new ship seemed a likely possibility.

He once wore a medium power suit and chased a pirate who was wearing heavy power armor. As his suit allowed him to move faster, he managed to close the distance between him and the pirate. While chasing, he aimed his suits repeating blaster and an ordinary blaster at the pirate and fired. This wounded the pirate, causing him to collapse in his suit. Because the suit was already on the move, it fell forward on its own momentum.

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