"Their leader was a giant of a man... who wielded a lightsaber."
Jon, about Sherruk[src]

Sherruk was a Human male Mandalorian Rally Master who fought in the Mandalorian Wars.


"I will add your head to those of the other Jedi I have killed, and take yet another lightsaber for my own."
―Sherruk to Revan[src]

Following the end of the war, he led a group of Mandalorian and Duros bandits (including Reeza and Jarg) to Dantooine, where they terrorized and extorted the local settlers. However, his group of bandits was too small to pose a threat to the Jedi Enclave or any other well-organized defense. Future Mandalore Canderous Ordo was disgusted by him, his followers, and other Mandalorians like him, saying that they were taking scraps when they should be taking worlds.

It was rumored he received support from the Sith; this would make sense as he killed Jedi and made the locals distrustful of their supposed protectors. As a Jedi hunter, Sherruk enjoyed eliminating Jedi and taking their lightsabers as trophies. He is known to have killed two Jedi; one with a red lightsaber and one with a blue lightsaber.

In 3956 BBY, Sherruk and his companions were killed by a reformed Revan, though the former Sith Lord did not find it easy, as Sherruk proved a very skilled fighter.

Behind the scenes

His name is spelled both Sherruk and Sheruk in the game. Sherruk is found in the southern end of the Grove after all other Mandalorians on Dantooine are eliminated, excluding the ones accompanying him.



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