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Serp shield

Luke Skywalker hits an archaic shield with a lance.

"Blast! He blocked my energy bolt with his shield!"
―Luke Skywalker during a jousting contest on Serphidi[src]

A shield was a broad piece of hard material carried on the arm and used as a protection against blows.[1] As early as by the Mandalorian Wars, physical shields had been replaced by energetic devices.[2] Some less-developed cultures, however, retained those archaic means of defense. Such civiliations included the Serp, a reptilian species from the planet of Serphidi, who still used kite-shaped shields for their jousting contests.[1] A certain type of shields made from cortosis ore also remained in use concurrently with modern technology due to its property of blocking lightsaber attacks.[3] The beastwarden's shield was a type of shield made of bronze with a serrated edge that was used for defense and as a thrown weapon by Geonosian Petranaki gladiators on the planet Geonosis.[4] Before their extermination by the Mandalorian Crusaders,[5] the Tlönians crafted a particular type of shield.[6]



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