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Shigar Konshi was a male Kiffar Padawan who served the Jedi Order during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


Jedi training[]

A Force-sensitive Kiffar of Clan Konshi, Shigar Konshi bore a blue chevron on each cheek to identify himself with his clan. He was born on Kiffu circa 3661 BBY during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. After his parents were both killed in an accident, he was taken offworld as an infant and turned over to the Coruscant Jedi Temple for Jedi training. Trained in the ways of the Force at the Temple, the muscular and handsome Konshi was selected as a Padawan by the recently appointed Grand Master, Satele Shan, a descendant of Bastila Shan and Sith Lord-turned-Jedi Revan.[1]

Following years of training and after constructing a green-bladed lightsaber, Shan thought Konshi was prepared for Knighthood, but Konshi was deemed unready to face the Jedi Trials due to his lack of self-control and tact. Despite her opinion and her superior rank, his master refused to countermand the Jedi High Council's authority and instead ordered her apprentice to strive to change the Council's decision. Upon hearing the Council's decision, Konshi took a walk in the Old District of Coruscant to cool off and ran into a firefight between Black Sun gangsters and Mandalorian warrior Dao Stryver. There he met Larin Moxla, a former Republic trooper and a fellow Kiffar. He found out that Stryver was looking for a woman named Lema Xandret and something called "Cinzia." He took this information back to his master, who sent him on a mission with Moxla to Nal Hutta to investigate an auction being held by the Hutt matriarch Tassaa Bareesh.[1]

Nal Hutta[]

Upon their arrival on Nal Hutta, Konshi and Moxla traveled to the palace of Tassaa Bareesh. However, the whole area was guarded by Gamorrean guards, servants of the Hutt. Disguised as two of the famed Rancor Riders, Konshi and Moxla entered the palace unharmed. Once there, they encountered a protocol droid, who instructed the two to go to Quartermaster Droog. While Droog was a Hutt, Konshi was able to manipulate him into allowing them to pass further inside the palace with the additional bribe of a few credit chips. Despite getting inside, Konshi figured that it was a matter of time before they were discovered or Droog alerted the guards, so he and Moxla rushed through the palace to look for information. Discovering that both the Republic and the Empire had entered the palace to join the auction, Konshi and Moxla made their way to the underground chambers to avoid detection and reach the Cinzia before the auction began.[1]

Crossing through the tunnels, Konshi and Moxla encountered a trio of Hortek that were guarding the area. Influencing them with the Force, Konshi's ploy almost succeeded until they were attacked by security drones. The two Kiffar destroyed them and entered the security code at the doorway to the accommodation chamber of an Imperial Security team led by Yeama, who told them that Ula Vii was missing. Eventually, they were met by Sergeant Robann Potannin, introducing himself as an emissary of the Grand Master Shan.[1]

Ambush in the Palace[]

During the auction, Konshi located and infiltrated the vault holding the material to be auctioned, only to discover explosives that had been secured by a Sith Acolyte named Eldon Ax. Konshi ignited his lightsaber and engaged Ax in a duel, in which he gained the upper hand and disarmed Ax. Before Ax could be arrested, however, Dao Stryver arrived in the vault and joined the fight, which was cut short by an explosion from inside the vault where a superior race of droids, nicknamed "hexes" due to their six arms, were rapidly multiplying. Battling the droids, Konshi formed an alliance with Ax and Stryver and participated in a vicious battle with the droids.[1]

During the battle, the Hutts arrested Konshi and took him to Bareesh after the droids were subdued and the Sith escaped. Blamed for the damage done to the palace, Konshi was forced to negotiate with Tassaa Bareesh, who eventually capitulated and allowed Konshi to leave in search of the missing ship. After being released from Hutt custody, he made contact with Moxla and instructed her to accompany him on the mission. At the spaceport, Konshi met with Vii, Moxla and Jet Nebula, on board the Auriga Fire.[1]

Alliance with the Sith[]


Since Stryver went after the navicomputer, Shigar and the crew needed a way to find this, despite the lack of the navicomputers aboard the Auriga Fire. When Larin found a way to track down the planet, Shigar used his psychometric abilities and thereby detected the position of any planet they found. Although Shigar harbored doubts about his talent, he finally tried it. He later contacted his master and informed her about the situation. Encouraged by the words of his master, Shigar began to meditate, but didn't succeed. While Larin sought Shigar's wounds, he told her about his despondency regarding the undertaking. She told him that he knew what he had to do, but always believed that he could succeed. She eventually revealed in the past that she betrayed her corrupt superiors, which was why she resigned from her squadron. After leaving the room, Shigar regretted his reaction, but focused exclusively on the metal fragments of the nest and realized that Larin's words were true. With new knowledge revealed, he experienced a new dimension of psychometrics. However, since he had realized that it was hard work, Shigar never gave up and continued to track the position of the home planet of the hexes. Gaining the knowledge throughout the Force, Shigar and the crew found the planet.

Arriving to the planet with a fleet of Republic ships, Shigar asked his master to be allowed to participate in the negotiations on Sebaddon, to which her master agreed immediately. The Jedi Grand Master contacted the planet and indicated its peaceful intentions, what Shigar and his team also listened with. When they received contact from one of the hexes, Shigar realized that the droid would not dwell on it. This was when missiles were launched from the planet, containing thousands of copies of hex droids that attacked the fleet. Shigar immediately contacted Commander Gurin and instructed him to flee, but it was already too late. Eventually, Satele ordered an evacuation. Moving throughout the ship, Shigar and his master made it to the main gate of the ship before they were ambushed by nine of the hexes. Since Satele told him that these droids could affect the power, Shigar passed through the hexes and opened the door to suck out the droids into space. Since her master didn't have a space suit on, Shigar saved her by placing his master in a bubble of power. Despite the confrontation with a hex, the two returned without prejudice to the Auriga Fire.

Shigar accompanied the Grand Master to the cockpit, where they made contact with Stryver. She ordered the Jedi to meet in half an hour with her on the moon. Despite his suspicions, Shigar accompanied Vii and Larin to the meeting, which also included the Sith Eldon Ax and Darth Chratis. Since there had been some disputes between the Sith and the Jedi, Dao told both sides that the hex droids had the potential to destroy all life within the galaxy. Therefore, she suggested forming an alliance for both the Republic and the Empire.

Together, the group of unlikely companions later formed an alliance to battle the droids on their homeworld Sebaddon. The Empire and the Republic both joined the battle against the hexes, where Konshi confronted the Sith Lord Darth Chratis. Konshi survived the ensuing battle and Darth Chratis's temptation, which earned him the right to face the Jedi Trials. While Konshi and Moxla started to develop feelings for each other, Konshi rejected her advances due to his commitment to the Jedi Order.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Shigar Konshi showed much potential even as an apprentice and was able to hold his own against a Mandalorian and a Sith apprentice at the same time. Showing proficiency in the use of telekinesis and telepathy, Konshi also had a knack for the rare technique of psychometry. While not favored by the Order, Konshi knew the technique of controlling Force lightning and only used it sparingly.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

As all characters in the dramatis personae of The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, Shigar Konshi serves as an archetype character mirroring one of the eight classes of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, as either the Jedi Knight or the Consular.[3]


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