The Shikitari were a rare, semi-sentient insectoid species from Shikitari.

Biology and appearancesEdit

Shikitari had multi-stage life cycles. Shikitari were born in egg clusters suspended in a poisonous protective gel to ward away predators. As they hatched, the developing pupae fused to one another, growing into a combined single lifeform. Individual Shikitari grew specialized body parts to become eyes, mouths, feelers, and other organs and appendages. Shikitari pupae grew in a body style that mimicked their guardian.

Notable ShikitariEdit

Carl was a member of the species. When Carl fought in The Cauldron on Rattatak, he was experiencing one of the shortest Shikitari stages, and had he lived, would have become twelve flutterscouts.

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