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"Yes, it's real. I had it imported from my homeworld. The forest valleys of Shili are very dear to me."
Sheel Mafeen to Pol Haus, who is admiring her wooden furniture[5]

Shili was the homeworld of the Togruta located in the Ehosiq sector.



Plo Koon discovering Ahsoka Tano on Shili.

The legendary Jedi Master Shaak Ti was a native of Shili, as were Raana Tey,[6] Ashla and Ahsoka Tano.[7] The planet was a long-time member of the Galactic Republic and Togrutas had been in the Jedi Order since its earliest years.

It was the homeworld of many beasts, such as the akul,[1] which tribes of Togruta had to work together to defeat in order to survive. The planet was covered with turu-grass scrublands and valley canopy forests. The most prominent city on Shili was Corvala, which was the capital. Shili was located in the Expansion Region[1] near the Hydian Way.[2]

On a mission to Shili, Jedi Master Plo Koon found a young Togruta who had Force potential and brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.[8] This Togruta was Ahsoka Tano, who became the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker.[7]

After the Clone Wars, Kajin Savaros was sent there among the Togruta healers and The Silent to heal after Darth Vader and Probus Tesla attempted to brainwash him.[9]

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Shaak Ti, a notable Togruta Jedi Master.


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