Shiltu was a Hutt who worked for the Black Sun crime syndicate during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. In the syndicate, he held the rank of vigo, or lieutenant.[1] Like all Hutts, he was a hermaphrodite,[3] but Shiltu had a male personality. Sometime before the start of the Clone Wars, he double-crossed Tarnese Lyanne, a Sakiyan who had invested much in black market and smuggling operations; the betrayal resulted in the ruination of Lyanne's clan.[1] In 30 BBY,[2] Shiltu died from a massive cellular hemorrhage, a sort of full-body stroke that ended the Hutt's life far too quickly and painlessly, in the opinion of Tarnese Bleyd, a descendant of Lyanne.[1]

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Shiltu was first mentioned in MedStar I: Battle Surgeons, a novel written by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry which was published in 2004.[1]

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