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Denaria Kee wearing a shimmberbird tongue robe.

Shimmerbird tongue robes were flamboyant and silk-like robes often worn by wealthy members of the Koorivar species. They were made of the tongues of the shimmerbird species. Denaria Kee, chief aide to Corporate Alliance Magistrate Passel Argente, wore one often and so did Argente himself.

In the Year 32 BBY, while Padme Amidala was speaking before the senate, then Senator of Kooriva Passel Argente wore a silvery-green one by itself at one point and under a Sienna Cloak at one point.

Passel Argente wore it again in the year 22 BBY while conferencing and overseeing the operations on Geonosis, this time underneath a bulky brown cloak described as oily.


Argente wearing his Silvery-Green Shimmerbird tongue robe underneath a sienna cloak during 32 BBY



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