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"You have no power."
―Shin Hati, to Sabine Wren[7]

Shin Hati was a Force-sensitive human female active during the New Republic Era and Ahsoka Tano's quest to find Ezra Bridger. She was the eager apprentice of the Dark Jedi Baylan Skoll, alongside whom she worked as mercenaries allied with the industrialist and witch Morgan Elsbeth and her forces to seek out Thrawn, the last missing Grand Admiral of the Imperial Starfleet.

She wielded a lightsaber with an orange-red blade, which she used to duel Sabine Wren on at least two occasions. The first of these conflicts occurred on Lothal, outside the LothalNet communications tower where Wren was residing at the time, when Hati stole from Wren an orb-shaped star map of Nightsister origin, with the aid of a group of HK-87 assassin droids. The second was during Wren and her master Ahsoka Tano's mission to Seatos in which Hati engaged Wren once more and was disarmed by the Mandalorian, fleeing into the forest.

After the duel, Hati traveled to the reflex point where Skoll dueled Tano and was knocked out by the former Jedi when told to retrieve the star map. After Tano was defeated, Hati and Skoll were confronted by Wren who threatened to destroy the map. Promising her safe passage to find her lost friend Ezra Bridger, Skoll had the map returned to him and Hati took Wren as their prisoner back to the Eye of Sion, a massive hyperspace ring they used to travel to the distant galaxy where Thrawn had been exiled.

Arriving at Peridea, Skoll described the planet as children's stories he heard while raised in the Jedi Temple come to life. Hati questioned her master if their arrival on Peridea and alliance with Thrawn was their opportunity to rise to power, to which Skoll replied that such power was fleeting and that he really hoped to bring the cycle which has repeated itself for years to an end. Hati met the Grand Admiral who ordered her and Skoll to destroy Wren and Bridger. They eventually found the two traveling with a group of Noti and Hati was ordered to contact Thrawn and take her place in the coming empire, parting ways with her master, who claimed her ambition drove her in a direction different to his.

Leading a group of bandits, Hati let them attack first before she engaged Wren and Bridger. Reinforced by squadrons of Night Troopers, Hati ordered them to kill the two before she was ambushed by Ahsoka Tano who came to their rescue. Thrawn soon called back his Night Troopers, leaving Hati outnumbered against the Jedi, prompting her to flee, mounted on her howler. With nowhere left to turn, Hati fled alone, abandoned by Skoll, Elsbeth and Thrawn, with the latter successfully escaping Peridea.


Early life[]

"Do you know the one she seeks so desperately?"
"Bridger? No, he's too young. Comes from a breed of Bokken Jedi trained in the wild after the Temple fell."
"Like me."
"No. He was trained as a Jedi. You I trained to be something more."
―Shin Hati, and Baylan Skoll[5]

Shin Hati was a Force-sensitive human female born following the Great Jedi Purge and the rise of the Galactic Empire. Though she was not raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a member of the Jedi Order,[5] Hati's Force-sensitivity was recognized by former Jedi Knight and survivor of the purge Baylan Skoll, who took her on as his apprentice,[4] hoping to train her to be something greater than a Jedi.[5] The two would operate as mysterious[8] mercenaries and survived past the events of the Galactic Civil War, and into the New Republic Era.[4]

New Republic Era[]

Attempting to travel to Peridea[]

Freeing Morgan Elsbeth[]
"We are no Jedi."
―Baylan Skoll on himself and Shin Hati[4]

Around 9 ABY,[9] Skoll and Hati would come under the employment of Morgan Elsbeth. After her capture at the hands of Ahsoka Tano, Elsbeth was held in New Republic captivity and was being transported on Vesper to stand trial.[4] Hati and Skoll attacked the ship and rescued Elsbeth. Approaching Vesper on their Eta-class shuttle, Hati and Skoll used an old Jedi clearance code to get onboard. Captain Hayle, suspecting them to be Imperial agents, allowed them to board so he could question them in the hangar bay. After telling them to surrender, Hati, at the nodded command of her master, quickly ignited her lightsaber and struck out at the Mon Calamari Jakris, then attacked and killed the rest of the security team while her master slew Hayle.[4] She[2] then fought her way to the bridge and killed the command crew, while Skoll went to the cells and freed Elsbeth.[4]

Search for the Star Map[]
"Master... What happens when we find Thrawn?"
"For some, war. For others... a new beginning."
"And for us?"
"Power. Such as you've never dreamed."
―Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll[10]

Shin Hati duels Sabine Wren on Lothal.

After freeing Elsbeth, Hati, Skoll and Marrok, a former Inquisitor and another of Elsbeth's mercenaries, traveled with her to the planet Arcana to an ancient Nightsister temple in search of an ancient star map. They arrived to find it in ruins, due to the HK-87 assassins droids they sent there self destructing after Ahsoka Tano recovered the map first and then beat them in a fight. While Skoll and Marrok searched the ruins, Hati and Elsbeth talked, Hati surprised to learn Elsbeth was a Nightsister. Elsbeth then instructed Hati to head to Lothal before walking away. Hati was hesitant to follow her orders until Skoll told her to do as Elsbeth said. When Hati asked her master what was on Lothal, he told her Sabine Wren was there, and that she was Ahsoka Tano's former apprentice.[4]

Hati went to Lothal with two assassin droids. After using a probe droid to find Sabine Wren's location, she waited until dark and then attacked. Hati sent the assassin droids in first, who recovered the map and destroyed the data Wren had on it. Even though Wren successfully destroyed one of the droids the other made it out with the map. Wren called her droid ally Huyang for backup, and then gave chase with Ezra Bridger's lightsaber. Hati was waiting outside and faced Wren in a lightsaber duel when she arrived. Hati gained the upper hand and stabbed Wren in the abdomen, but had to flee when Tano and Huyang arrived. She successfully escaped with the star map, however, and left Wren for dead.[4]

Pathway to Peridea[]
Morgan Elsbeth: "The appearance of Ahsoka Tano on Corellia troubles you?"
Baylan Skoll: "It does."
Shin Hati: "We made a clean escape. She couldn't have tracked us here."
―Skoll and Hati discuss their escape from Corellia with Elsbeth[10]

After retrieving the star map, Hati met with Skoll and Elsbeth on the planet Seatos. At an ancient Nightsister henge Elsbeth used Nightsister Magick to activate the star map and reveal a Hyperspace route to a location in a distant galaxy called Peridea. Elsbeth revealed Peridea was where Grand Admiral Thrawn had been banished to after the Battle of Lothal, and told them the Eye of Sion would be headed to Seatos, and that she wanted them to make sure everything was ready for its arrival. Skoll assured her it would be, and then told Hati to head to Corellia to make sure Marrok completed his mission. After Elsbeth left, Hati questioned her master on what would happen once they found Thrawn. Skoll told her that for some it would mean war, for others it would mean a new beginning, but for them it would mean power such as she had never dreamed.[10]

Hati traveled to the planet Corellia, where she assisted Marrok in their final preparations for their plan to retrieve Thrawn. Meanwhile, Ahsoka Tano and General Hera Syndulla investigated Elsbeth's former operations on Corellia, specifically discovering an anomalous hyperdrive from a Super Star Destroyer. While Elsbeth's forces fled with the engine, Tano was confronted by Marrok and an assassin droid. After a brief duel, Hati intervened on her Eta-class shuttle and escaped with Marrok. Later, Hati, with Skoll and Marrok, spoke with Elsbeth, who was on the Eye of Sion, via hologram. Elsbeth updated them that with the installation of the final hyperdrive on the ship would be complete, and they would deliver Thrawn from his exile. When Skoll advised to do so quickly, Elsbeth noted that Tano's appearance on Corellia troubled him. Despite Hati's insistence that they made a clean escape and that Tano could not have tracked them there, Skoll admitted to Elsbeth that Tano's appearance on Corellia troubled him. However, Hati was unaware that Syndulla had earlier managed to attach a tracking device to the transport ship with the engine.[10]

Fight above Seatos[]
"Morgan congratulations... you almost got them. I have eyes on them. We'll take it from here"
―Shin Hati, to Morgan Elsbeth[11]

Hati pursues Tano and Wren in a starfighter.

After Syndulla's tracking device confirmed the transport had been taken to the Denab system, Tano, Wren and Huyang headed there. After they lost their connection while talking with Syndulla, Tano and Wren realized they were being jammed. They dropped out of hyperspace and attempted to approach Seatos covertly, but they were attacked by six starfighters lead by Hati and Marrok. While engaged in a dogfight, Huyang managed to scan the Eye of Sion and confirmed it was a giant hyperspace ring.[11]

After Wren destroyed some of the fighters, Elsbeth, annoyed with Hati for letting them get so close, decided to use the Eye's turbolasers to destroy Tano and Wren's ship. Elsbeth hit them and disabled the ship, but failed to destroy it. Hati then mocked Elsbeth by sarcastically congratulating her for almost getting them. Hati then declared that she would finish them off, but despite making a couple of more attack runs, Wren was able to get the ship running again and started heading towards the surface of Seatos. After a chase through the atmosphere and flying through a pod of purrgil, Hati and Marrok lost Tano and Wren. After flying overhead and not finding them, Hati decided to regroup with the rest of their forces and search the forest on foot.[11]

Duel in the Forest[]
"Going somewhere?"
―Shin Hati, to Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren[7]

With Tano and Wren’s arrival on Seatos, Elsbeth decided they needed to depart for Peridea urgently. Skoll sent their forces out to stop Tano and Wren. Hati remarked that they won’t slow them down for long, but Skoll said she would. With a smile Hati departed with Marrok to confront them in the forest, while Skoll remained at the henge to make sure the pathway was uploaded properly. Elsbeth waited on the Eye while Skoll activated the star map and began uploading the hyperspace pathway to Peridea onto the Eye’s computer. When they came face to face in the forest Hati engaged Wren in a second duel, while Tano fought Marrok. Tano made quick work of Marrok however and killed him. Wren meanwhile was better prepared for her rematch with Hati. Wearing her beskar armor and being better mentally prepared for this fight, Hati found Wren much harder work than the last time they fought. After Tano killed Marrok Wren told her to go on and stop the others while she dealt with Hati. Hati warned her that she would regret that decision. After Hati disarmed Wren she tried to force push her back but it didn't work, and Hati mocked her for having no power. Wren managed to blast Hati’s lightsaber out of her hands and disarm her in return though. Hati then used a smoke bomb and escaped.[7]

Confrontation at the Henge[]

Hati returned to the henge to find her master and Tano engaged in a duel, with Tano having disrupted the pathway to Peridea from being uploaded. Skoll told Hati to get the map but Tano levitated her and force threw into the henge and knocked her out. She later regained consciousness to find that Skoll had beaten Tano, but Wren had turned up and was holding the map threatening to destroy it. Skoll managed to talk Wren down however and get her to hand over the map. He promised her safe passage to find Ezra Bridger with them, but Hati started force choking Wren. She eventually relented and let her go, but only after Skoll told her twice. Skoll then reactivated the map and finishing uploading it, before destroying it himself to prevent them from being followed. Skoll and Hati, with Wren as their prisoner, then joined Elsbeth on the Eye. Syndulla arrived in the Ghost with Carson Teva and some Republic rangers, but were too late to stop the hyperspace jump. Elsbeth, Skoll, Hati and Wren were gone, headed to Peridea and with no way to track them.[7]

Next stages[]

Arrival on Peridea[]

The Eye of Sion eventually arrived in the unidentified galaxy. Elsbeth questioned Skoll’s decision to let Wren live, but Skoll said her focus to find Ezra Bridger blinded her, and that she may yet be of use to them. Elsbeth revealed that Peridea was the ancient homeworld of her people, the Dathomiri, and that her ancestors were among the first people to harness and ride the Purrgil. As they approached Peridea, which had a planetary disc, they noticed it was composed of dead purrgil. Skoll told them of how the purrgil traversed this route between galaxies and came to Peridea at the end of their lives to die, thus making Peridea a graveyard. A beacon signal from the surface was detected, so Hati, Skoll, Elsbeth and Wren departed for the surface on a shuttle. Flying through the atmosphere they saw huge ancient statues similar to those on Arcana. The planet was bleak consisting of rocky hills, mountains and lakes, with grey skies. They landed at a temple and were met by three Nightsisters, the Great Mothers. Hati was weary of encountering yet more Nightsisters, commenting discreetly to Skoll. The Great Mothers greeted them and said Thrawn was on his way, but were instantly unhappy with Wren’s presence, remarking that she stank of Jedi and was dangerous. They had her confined to a cell alone, with Wren reminding Skoll that they had made a deal to find Ezra Bridger.[5]

While awaiting Thrawn's arrival, Hati and Skoll talked alone atop the temple. Skoll was contemplative, describing Peridea as a land of dreams and madness, children’s stories come to life. Hati stated she was unaware of these stories, due to not being raised in the Jedi Temple. Skoll stated that they were folk tales, and Hati replied that was for good reason; as sometimes stories are just stories. Skoll became pensive, describing how he saw everything he believed in burn when he was not much older than she was now. He explained that he didn’t understand it at the time, but as he grew older, he came to understand that history repeats. The fall of the Jedi, the rise of the Empire; it was a cycle that was inevitable. Hati asked if this was their turn, and if their alliance with Thrawn would bring them into power. Skoll said that that kind of power was fleeting, and that what he sought was the beginning, so that he could finally bring the cycle to an end. Hati asked if that beginning was here, and Skoll replied that it was, if the old stories were true.[5]

Meeting Grand Admiral Thrawn[]

When Thrawn finally arrived, he was surprised at Skoll and Hati’s presence. However, he did recognize Skoll’s name, and recalled that he had been a general during the Clone Wars. Thrawn decided to honour Skoll’s deal with Sabine Wren, and allowed her to leave with her armor, weapons, provisions, a howler as a mount, and their latest intelligence on Ezra Bridger’s whereabouts. However, he warned her that Bridger may be dead, and that once his starship left, she would be stranded here forever. When Wren departed, Hati commented that she was on a fool’s errand, to which Thrawn agreed. He then revealed his true plan; Skoll and Hati were to secretly track Wren to Bridger, and then kill them both. When Skoll agreed to this, Hati was dismayed that he had decided to go back on his word to Wren.[5]

Tracking Sabine Wren[]

Hati and Skoll departed on howlers and started following Wren. They eventually came upon the aftermath of a fight she had had with some bandits. They found several dead bodies, and their weapons, which had been cut in half with a lightsaber. They determined that Wren had therefore survived the fight, and was still searching for Bridger.[5]

As they searched the scene, Hati asked Skoll about Ezra Bridger, but he explained that Bridger was too young to have been at the Jedi temple, so he did not know him. He said that Bridger was a Bokken Jedi, who had been trained out in the wild outside of the formal structure of the Jedi Order. Hati likened herself to a Bokken Jedi, but Skoll countered, saying that he had trained her to be something more. She then asked if he missed the Jedi Order, to which Skoll replied that he missed the idea of it, but in truth he considered them to have been weak. Skoll believed there was no future for the Order, but Hati questioned how he could see a future in the wasteland that was Peridea. Skoll said he saw what once was: the great Witch Kingdom of the Dathmiri. He believed the existence of the Great Mothers confirmed its existence in turn. When Hati pointed out that the Great Mothers seemed eager to leave this place, and that maybe they themselves should do the same, Skoll explained that he believed that they were fleeing a power greater than their own. He also claimed that something which was stirring on Peridea was calling out to him. He asked her if she could hear or see it, but they were interrupted when Hati spotted more bandits approaching. She reached for her lightsaber, but after Skoll said he thought there was no need for more bloodshed, the two enlisted the help of the bandits to aid in their hunt for Wren and Bridger.[5]

Parting ways with her Master[]

When Hati and Skoll tracked down Wren, who had reunited with Bridger by this point, they found them traveling with a group of Noti. Skoll told Hati to contact Thrawn, kill Wren and Bridger, and then to take her place with the coming empire. Skoll also told Hati that they would now part ways. This caught her by surprise, and she questioned why he wasn’t going to help. Skoll told her that her ambition drove her in a different direction to him, and that his path led another way. Hati contacted Thrawn and called for backup to assist in taking down Wren and Bridger. Skoll imparted a final lesson to Shin before she was to ride with the bandits to begin their attack on Wren and Bridger: impatience for victory will guarantee defeat. With a solemn look from Hati to Skoll, they parted ways[12]

Fight with Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger[]

Hati let the bandits attack the group first with their blasters and staffs, as the Noti had only slingshots for weapons, relying on their armored pods for protection. Consequently, they were not able to mount a strong resistance against the attack, and depended strongly on the aid of their human allies. Eventually Bridger instructed them to circle round and form a defensive position, so that he and Wren could fight the bandits in close-quarters combat, which would give them an advantage over the bandits. The bandits closed in on the circle, but Wren and Bridger fought them off, with Wren using her blasters and lightsaber, and Bridger fighting using his unarmed combat skills and the Force, leaving his lightsaber with Sabine despite her comparative lack of training. As they killed the last of the bandits, Hati snuck up on Bridger from behind and attempted to decapitate him, but he was able to duck out of the way. Bridger, holding up a singed tuft of hair that Hati's lightsaber had removed, commented on the narrow nature of his escape. He and Hati then fought, with Bridger using his speed and telekinesis to evade her lightsaber strikes. When Wren joined the fray against Hati, Bridger warned Hati that it now seemed the outcome would be bad for her. The three then caught sight of Night Trooper reinforcements arriving in gunships. Bridger rushed Hati but she pushed him away with the Force, after which Wren and Hati continued to duel. As they fought, Hati gained the advantage and threw Wren to the floor, but before she was able to strike her with her lightsaber, Bridger, using the Force, pulled Wren out of the way. As Wren tumbled to the ground, she used her flamethrower on Hati, but she was able to deflect it with the Force to prevent herself from being harmed. The night troopers then arrived and encircled Wren, Bridger, and the Noti.[12]

With Wren and Bridger outnumbered and outgunned, Hati ordered the night troopers to kill them. Bridger tried to talk their way out of it, encouraging them to take them prisoner instead. Hati nevertheless ordered them to fire, but suddenly Ahsoka Tano, who had arrived at Peridea later after travelling within a purrgil, charged in on a howler. She rescued Bridger and Wren, Force-pushing several of the troopers out of the way. Wren and Bridger quickly capitalized on the distraction, and started to attack the troopers. Hati lunged at Tano with her lightsaber, but Tano blocked the attack with her hands, and Force-pushed Hati away. Wren and Bridger attempted to take down as many troopers as they could, when suddenly the remaining troopers withdrew on the orders of Thrawn, who was observing the fight remotely. He believed that the fight had now served its purpose; to distract the Jedi long enough to allow the Star Destroyer to be loaded with its cargo, and to be made ready for departure back to the galaxy. As the troopers retreated, boarding their gunships, Hati realized Thrawn was leaving her behind. Tano, Wren, and Bridger now had a decided advantage of numbers, and Hati realized she couldn't win the fight alone. Tano however told Hati to surrender her weapon, saying that she could help her, and tried reaching out to her. Hati instead chose to run away. Wren made to give chase, but was stopped by Tano, as Hati, mounting her howler, fled alone, abandoned in turn by her master, Thrawn, and Morgan Elsbeth.[12]

Reuniting with the Bandits[]

Sometime later, Hati approached a camp belonging to the remaining Peridea bandits. After approaching by howler, she raised her lightsaber horizontally over her head and activated the blade. The bandits then turned to look at her.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Your ambition drives you in one direction, my path lies in another. […] One parting lesson, Shin. Impatience for victory will guarantee defeat."
―Baylan Skoll speaks to Shin Hati[12]
Shin Hati - AG-removebg-preview

Shin Hati

Shin Hati was a human female with blonde hair, fair skin, and blue-green eyes.[4][2] Too young to have trained at the Jedi Temple, she was a Force adept trained by Baylan Skoll.[4][11] Like her master, Hati was a mysterious figure.[8] Hati was loyal to her master, and seemed keen to earn his approval, appearing pleased whenever he commented on her abilities. However, she displayed apprehension towards Morgan Elsbeth[4][11] despite being hired by Elsbeth as mercenaries Hati seemed wary of Elsbeth due to her being a Nightsister, but also took offense at Elsbeth's often condescending tone towards her. She had a working relationship with Marrok, partnering with him to fight Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren, but did not appear especially bothered or saddened at his death.[7]

Hati developed something of a rivalry with Sabine Wren. She almost killed Wren and left her for dead on Lothal.[4] During their second encounter Hati fled from their fight after being disarmed. She later started force choking her after Wren gave the star map back to Skoll, even after he told Wren she would not be harmed. Skoll had to assertively tell Hati twice to release Wren before she eventually relented.[7]

Hati was confident in her abilities, and quickly and efficiently killed the crew of Vesper without hesitation.[4] At first confident when confronting Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren on Seatos, she was surprised when Marrok was killed by Ahsoka Tano. When Tano went on ahead to find Baylan Skoll and the star map, she still seemed confident that she would beat Wren by herself.[7]

Despite being trained like a Jedi by her master, Hati did not follow the Jedi code, and was not a strict user of the light side. However she was no Sith, and not a strict user of the dark side either. Her orange-red bladed lightsaber reflected her ambiguous stance in the Force. Interestingly, however, Hati seemed to think of herself as a Jedi; when discussing Ezra Bridger Skoll described him as a Bokken Jedi, which Hati likened herself to as well. Skoll however claimed that he trained her to be something more, although exactly what he meant by this is unclear.[5]

Hati was noticeably not as level headed as her master, and she lacked patience at times; so much so that when Skoll parted ways with her his final piece of advice to her was that impatience for victory will guarantee defeat.[12]

Later on, when Thrawn revealed his plan to have Skoll and herself follow Sabine Wren to lead them to Ezra Bridger, she was surprised to hear Skoll agree to this. Hati felt he was going back on his word to Wren. Thrawn, however, claimed that he was still honoring the deal by letting Wren reunite with Bridger first, before having Skoll and Hati kill them both. Hati did not look happy about going through with this plan though, but nevertheless, she loyally accompanied her master.[5]

Powers and abilities[]


Hati was skilled in telekinetic abilities.

Hati was Force-sensitive and was trained in the Jedi arts by her master Baylan Skoll, though she was not actually a Jedi herself. Hati had skill in telekinesis, and could use Force push[4], Force choke,[7] and Force deflection.[12]

She was skilled in lightsaber combat and her master trusted her enough to send her out on solo missions. During the rescue of Morgan Elsbeth she utilized her combat abilities to swiftly massacre an entire security team in a few seconds, then fight her way to the command bridge of Vesper and kill its crew.[4]


Hati wielded a lightsaber with an orange-red blade, which the droid Professor Huyang noted had the hallmarks of a Jedi lightsaber. Hati wore simple robes of beige and brown, similar to a Jedi's, and also wore vambraces and pauldrons. Hati also had a braid in her hair similar to a Jedi Padawan braid.[4]

For transport Hati and her master traveled in an Eta-class shuttle.[4] She also used a starfighter.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

Shin Hati first appeared in the first episode of the Ahsoka television series, "Part One: Master and Apprentice,"[4] and was portrayed by Ivanna Sakhno.[13] Ezra Bridger actor Eman Esfandi recorded a behind the scenes video of Sakhno in costume, with the addition of a bathrobe and sunglasses, driving around in a toy landspeeder while smoking a cigarette.[14] Esfani shared the clip on his Instagram page after the conclusion of the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike.[15]

The character shares her name with Hati, the wolf that chases the Moon in Norse mythology, while her master shares his name with Skoll, the wolf that chases the Sun.[16] The wolf motif also ties in with fellow dark side user Marrok, who share his name with a knight from Arthurian legend, who was turned into a werewolf.[17]



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