The Shinarcan Bridge Extension was a bridge on Coruscant.


After Order 66 was executed, a security checkpoint was placed there and manned by Grand Army of the Republic and Coruscant Security Force personnel due to its location on common route leading away from the Jedi temple. Three Padawans attempting to pass through the checkpoint were discovered and a melee ensued as they tried to escape. Etain Tur-Mukan, who was also passing through on her way to a join up with the rest of Clan Skirata for evac, was killed when she stepped in front of a lightsaber's downward arc to save a clone trooper. Her husband, Darman Skirata, Kal Skirata and several members of Clan Skirata all witnessed her death, but were unable to retrieve her body in the ensuing chaos, leaving the responsibility to Jaller Obrim.

Niner and Darman Skirata were also unable to be retrieved. Niner received critcal injuries after being attacked by an escaping Jedi Padawan and falling off the bridge onto a maintenance parapet. Darman, although devastated by the loss of Etain, could not bring himself to leave his squad leader and brother behind, choosing to stay with him instead of escape off-planet with the rest of Clan Skirata.


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