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"May you in time win happiness here. Mine.…ours…is out there."

Ship was an organic, sentient spacecraft that dwelled in the solitude of the intergalactic void.


Ship was at one time two separate beings, a pilot and a mecho-organic vessel, who participated in a war in an unknown galaxy. The ship and her crew were the only survivors of the last battle of the war and returned home only to find that their enemy, as a final gesture, had unleashed a deadly plague bomb on the crew's home planet, killing the entire population. Only one crew member survived the plague and returned to the ship fleeing the galaxy to the starless void, beyond the reach of the plague. Over time the pilot and ship fused to become a single being which existed in solitude, playing games with itself for amusement through the years.

Ship zoom

Ship absorbs a spacecraft.

Ship absorbed the craft piloted by Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa when they accidentally traveled beyond their home galaxy to the void, and Ship thought they were players in one of his games. However, when Luke defeated a game character in lightsaber combat, Ship realized that they were actually real people, and tried to expel them from itself fearing them to be enemies. Ship reconsidered when it saw that Luke and Leia cared for each other, as it remembered what it was like to care about someone and allowed them to stay on board. It brought the pair back to their home galaxy where they found an Imperial Star Destroyer waiting there and it opened fire upon Ship. Ship felt pain for the first time in eons, and realized that the Imperials weren't playing games either. In retaliation, it deployed anti-matter pods which destroyed the Imperial craft the instant they made contact. After repairing their craft, it released Luke and Leia to continue on their way, and Ship returned to its home in the void as it preferred its own games to the painful reality of war.


Ship's pilot


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