Ship graveyard

This ship graveyard was a massive starship dumping ground located on the edge of the galaxy.


The graveyard consisted of a conglomoration of starships and parts that had been dumped in space, from LAAT gunships to Star Destroyers and other craft. Scavengers and Junkers scoured the site for usable parts and valuable scrap metal. From orbit, the graveyard looked like a hollowed-out planet.

At some point, the damaged luxury liner Reverie, was dumped by its owners on this artificial planetoid. Several fortune seekers attempted to find and infiltrate the vessel, looking for the valuable Arachedron sculpture, including Boba Fett and the two brothers Edo and Rolu Strom. The group fended off swarms of Arachedrons that guarded the relic and then faced destruction as the ship collapsed around them due to local junkers tearing it apart. The Strom brothers were seemingly killed, while Fett cut his losses and left the graveyard, leaving the Reverie and the lost sculpture to be ground into recycled metal by the local scavengers.


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