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Shirene was a dark-skinned female individual with curly, close to the scalp hair. She lived on the planet Akiva during the Galactic Civil War. Her sister-in-law, Norra Wexley, was a pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, so Shirene and her wife Esmelle watched over Norra's son, Temmin.


Temmin's guardian[]

Shirene was the wife of Esmelle. The two women lived on Orchard Hill in Myrra, the capital city of Akiva. After her sister-in-law Norra Wexley departed Akiva to find her husband Brentin Lore Wexley, Shirene and Esmelle became the guardians of Norra's son Temmin Wexley. The adolescent Temmin proved to be strong-willed and street-smart. Unable to parent Temmin, Shirene and Esmelle allowed Temmin to return to his family home. Despite moving out, Temmin still kept in contact with Shirene and Esmelle. He helped them pay for living expenses, supplied their weekly groceries, and repaired machinery including their evaporator and flood-pump.[1]

Rebellion on Akiva[]

Following the Battle of Endor, Norra returned to Akiva to reunite with her son Temmin and bring him offworld. Norra had since joined the New Republic Starfighter Corps. After Norra and Temmin escaped several Imperial stormtroopers, Norra visited Shirene's household, believing that Temmin had gone there. Following an argument between Norra and Esmelle, Shirene diffused the conflict by offering her wife and sister-in-law tea.[1]

When Norra told Shirene that she did not need to get involved in their argument, Shirene gently explained that Temmin was not their son. Earlier, Norra and Shirene had argued over allowing Temmin to get involved in crime. Despite loving him, she admitted that she and Esmelle had failed to manage the strong-willed young man. When Norra responded that she had to left to fight for the Rebel Alliance and find Brentin, Shirene expressed empathy with her sister-in-law's plight. Shirene also agreed with Norra's view that Brentin was not a criminal.[1]

Shirene then praised Temmin for looking after them by helping pay for their living expenses, buying groceries for them, and repairing their evaporator and flood-pump. When Norra invited Shirene to come with them, Shirene responded that she and Esmelle were old and had settled down on Akiva. She counselled her sister-in-law to take Temmin somewhere better. When Norra admitted that her son did not want to uproot his life, Shirene responded that Temmin's junk shop had been his livelihood. At that point, Norra realized that Temmin had returned to his junk shop, which had once been their family home. Shirene allowed Norra to borrow her bala-bala speeder.[1]

Following the rebellion on Akiva, Norra and Temmin used spareparts from Shirene and Norra's basement to repair Temmin's B1-series battle droid and companion Mister Bones.[1]

Fall of the Empire[]

Following the Battle of Jakku, Shirene and Esmelle both attended the funeral of Norra's husband Brentin Wexley, who had perished at the hands of Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax. The two watched as Temmin buried the arm of his B1 battle droid Mister Bones. Following the funeral, Norra and Temmin stayed at Shirene's home for a few days before returning to their new home on Chandrila.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Shirene was a dark-skinned woman with a bulky physique and short, close-cropped curly hair. She was a lesbian and was married to Shirene. By the time of the Battle of Endor, Shirene and Esmelle were elderly. While Shirene loved Temmin like a son, she and Esmelle struggled to manage the strong-willed and rebellious youth. Temmin eventually left Esmelle and Shirene's household but still kept in touch by assisting with groceries, household repairs, and other living expenses. Unlike her wife Esmelle, Shirene was calmer and knew how to diffuse conflicts. She had a respectful relationship with her sister-in-law Norra but was unwilling to go offworld or take part in the Rebellion. Shirene was supportive of Norra and even allowed her to borrow her bala-bala speeder.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Shirene first appeared as a secondary character in Chuck Wendig's 2015 novel Aftermath and its sequel Aftermath: Empire's End. Her lines are told from the view of one of the protagonists, Norra Wexley.



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