Shiri'ani was a Twi'lek and the owner of the Lucky Star casino in Mos Entha. She was a protégé of Lady Valarian.


In 4 ABY, Shiri'ani was taken to Tatooine by slavers and sold to Bib Fortuna as a child. But the chaos following Jabba Desilijic Tiure's death meant she never actually remained his property for long. Shiri'ani became a street urchin, and tried to accumulate enough credits through begging to pay for a ticket back to her homeworld.

As a young adult, she became a dancer for Lady Valarian at the Lucky Despot. Valarian hoped that the Twi'lek knew something about Jabba's treasure vaults, though this turned out to be an error. Regardless, Shiri'ari's acumen, ambition and psychological skills made her a valued employee. She was promoted to bartender, and then to assistant manager.

When Shiri'ari reached her majority, it was apparent to all of Mos Eisley that she was going to inherit Valarian's criminal empire. She purchased the future Lucky Star, deliberately modeling her new establishment on Valarian's. Valarian gave her assistant financial backing and muscle so she could get started.

Shiri'ani by this time had established a large number of potential suitors, most of whom she kept just at arms length, finding it profitable to attract and manipulate a variety of humanoid males.

Shiri'ani did not realize that her newest lover and investment, the Twi'lek Firith Olan, was none other than her hated former owner, Bib Fortuna, who had schemed to transfer his brain into one of his enemies. Olan/Fortuna began to be more influential in her life than her mentor, and it would be soon that Shiri'ani and Valarian would no longer be allies.


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