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The Shistavanen, colloquially nicknamed wolfmen for their lupine appearance, were a sentient species from the planet Uvena Prime.

Biology and appearance[]

A Shistavanen in action

The Shistavanen originated on the planet Uvena Prime in the Uvena system. In addition to natural evolution, the Shistavanen species was shaped by unknown genetic engineers. Like many lupine species, Shistavanen had pronounced muzzles, sharp claws, long pointed teeth, and pointed ears set on top of their heads. Shistavanen also possessed large glowing eyes, and could also run at high speeds for long periods without getting tired, alternately using two or four limbs. As predators, they possessed keen senses of hearing and smell, and excellent night vision. However this also made them sensitive to light, sound and smell of the damaging type. Some, such as Caet Shrovl, could be albino (although she believed her condition to be the result of an experiment the Empire did on her mother, rather than natural causes).

Society and culture[]

"Good, I'm ready for food, fresh food… wet food."

As a species, the Shistavanen were isolationists. This was evident by the species colonizing all the unpopulated worlds in the Uvena system to prevent them from being settled by non-Shistavanen, their restrictive trade laws (which were unapologetic in how they favored their own kind over off-world traders), and from the fact that they did not often mix with other species. Most of their society used technology similar to the rest of the galaxy, though some parts of Uvena Prime used slightly less sophisticated technology.

A minority of Shistavanen were more outgoing, and traveled the galaxy's hyperlanes. Even these Shistavanen usually remained by themselves or with other Shistavanen. Due to their natural predatory instincts, Shistavanen commonly found employment as scouts, mercenaries and bounty hunters. Many other species reacted badly to Shistavanen, since their isolationist culture made them an unfamiliar sight, and their predatory appearance put other species on edge. Those who were albino, like Caet Shrovl, could face mistreatment for their difference.

Shistavanen names included Shaalir Rech and Sirul Rosk.


Lak Sivrak, a Shistavanen scout.

During Emperor Palpatine's reign, despite the New Order's xenophobia towards non-Humans, Imperial agents regularly employed Shistavanen scouts to track down criminals, rebels and other persons of interest.

Shistavanen in the galaxy[]

During the Clone Wars, Voolvif Monn, was a powerful Jedi Master. A bounty hunter named Severian worked for the New Order, but perished during his hunt for Sagoro Autem. During the Galactic Civil War, Lak Sivrak, a former Imperial scout, joined the Rebel Alliance; Riv Shiel did the same, becoming a Rogue Squadron pilot. During the New Republic, a Shistavanen named Hovrak became a Adjutant Advisor of the speciesist Diversity Alliance. Caet Shrovl, an albino Shistavanen female, was a member of Rock Squadron of the Khuiumin Survivors, mercenaries utilized by Leonia Tavira of the Invidious.


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