Sho'ban Do was a Near-Human male from Pitann. In 8 ABY, he served as one of his planet's senators on the Kathol Republic Senatorial Council.

Because Do was born on Pitann, he exhibited the characteristics of those born on that world. He was short and barrel-chested, with large, muscular arms and legs, and dark, leathery skin. Since Pitann had a higher gravity than Dayark, he seemed to bounce when he walked on the surface of the Kathol Republic capital.

Do was an ambitious man, and was secretly plotting to overthrow the government of the Kathol Republic by staging a coup and naming himself head of the "Kathol Tyranny". He viewed President Chandra Hobat as a weak leader, and was the Ithorian's main political rival, leading a large faction within the Kathol Republic Senatorial Council. An isolationist, he was openly critical of Hobat's style of government, and advocated cutting all ties to the outside galaxy. Do also campaigned for greater military spending to bolster their obsolete fighting force. He was a close runner-up in the presidential election that saw Hobat elected for a second term.

In 7 ABY, Do started to plan the overthrow of the Kathol Republic. He employed the droid programmer and engineer Uta T'Cha to create a universal droid remote control that would allow him to take control of any droid he desired. To cover his activities, he started a series of droid gladiatorial contests on his homeworld of Pitann. While the games were controversial, and provoked much debate in the Senate Council, it served to cover his true plan since those who believed that Do was planning something wrongly assumed that the games were being used to create and train a droid army.

Following the attack on the Kathol Republic Navy in 8 ABY by outside forces, he blamed Hobat and her policies for the loss of two corvettes. His accusation weakened Hobat's coalition, and strengthened his own position. Hobat's position was weakened further when she acquitted the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar of complicity in the assault on their naval vessels.

However, the crew of the FarStar was to be his undoing. They investigated Do and his actions at the suggestion of Senator Sal Olbeg. They contacted Uta T'Cha, and she agreed to betray Do and provided a taped recording of his plan as evidence. Do was subsequently arrested.



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