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Shockball, shock ball or shock-ball was an outdoor team sport where players attempted to stun members of the opposing team using an electrically charged ball. Special equipment was required to play, including ball scoops to fling the orb and insulating mitts to handle it. The winning team was the one with the most conscious members after a certain amount of time had elapsed.[1] Teams included the Quent Assassins, the Royal Shockball Team, the Shad Furies, and the Bonadan Blasters.[2] Kuat and Commenor also had teams, and faced each other in 60 BBY, with the game resulting in a tie. Soly Kantt was a fan of the sport and would purchase gizer ale for the finals.[3]

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Rebel Alliance agents discovered a sinister Imperial Intelligence operation. Top shockball players were subjected to thought-control drugs by Imperial Intelligence and used as unwitting Imperial assassins and saboteurs. The galaxy-class professional athletes proved to be deadly operatives. When Bothan spies discovered the heavily guarded headquarters of this operation, a Rebel strike team was sent to destroy it.[4]

Regenald Hanniper Snopps III, son of Imperial Governor Zafiel Snopps, was an accomplished shockball player.[5]

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