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"What did you do? I can't feel my arm!;"
"Neural stinger — feeling will come back in an hour. Be somewhere else by then!"
Zayne Carrick to Jarael.[src]

A shockstaff or shock staff (also called a neural stinger) was a type of melee weapon similar to an electrostaff that used electricity instead of edges. Some shockstaffs were made out of phrik alloy, and were able to be resistant to lightsabers. Mandalorian armor could also be affected by it. Jarael was a notable user of a shockstaff.


In 3964 BBY in Junk Junction on the planet Taris, Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick encountered a hot-tempered female Arkanian Offshoot named Jarael who took exception to his presence there and ended up skirmishing with him. She struck Zayne in the arm with her shockstaff, which caused him to lose feeling in that arm and drop his lightsaber. Later, aboard The Last Resort, Jarael knocked Zayne over the head with her shockstaff to end his holo-transmission which was attracting unwanted attention. Despite this rough introduction, however, the two eventually became allies.



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