"Murdering Shodon Ko only whetted my appetite. But he was just a bureaucrat for the Navigator's Guild—old and tough."
―Ssk Kahorr[src]

Shodon Ko was a male bureaucrat who worked for the Navigators' Guild on the planet Koros Major in 5000 BBY. He was responsible for approving the dangerous Goluud Corridor hyperspace route and was later killed by the Cha'a merchant lord Ssk Kahorr, after the latter lost his drone ship, Zeta Five, in the Corridor.


Ssk Kahorr

Shodon Ko was killed and devoured by Ssk Kahorr.

"Shodon Ko of the Navigators' Guild informed me yesterday we'll have a substantial bonus coming any time now."
―Gav Daragon[src]

Shodon Ko was a male bureaucrat for the Galactic Republic–affiliated Navigators' Guild on the planet Koros Major.[2] In 5000 BBY,[1] he approved the Goluud Corridor, a short but dangerous hyperspace route discovered by the explorers Gav and Jori Daragon. As the newly-discovered route passed near the unstable red supergiant Primus Goluud, Ko assigned the Goluud Corridor a high risk factor, which discouraged the Guild's customers from using it. However, Cha'a merchant lord Ssk Kahorr took his chances and sent his drone ship, Zeta Five, through the Goluud Corridor.[2]

Ko then informed Gav Daragon that the Guild would deliver him a substantial bonus in money. However, Zeta Five was destroyed with all cargo when solar flares erupted from Primus Goluud. Angered by the loss of his ship, Kahorr was determined to kill those responsible for mapping and approving the route. Kahorr murdered and devoured Ko, finding him old and tough, before he set out to kill the Daragons. What remained of Ko was soon discovered, in a scene described as "nasty" by Kahorr's thugs.[2]

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Shodon Ko was first mentioned in Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith 1: Into the Unknown, a 1996 comic book written by Kevin J. Anderson. His species was not identified.[2]


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