Shogun was a planet conquered by and aligned with the Mandalorians.


Shogun was a world of surreal, crystalline terrain that formed vistas described as "dreamscapes."


"I put Shysa out of his misery. We were surrounded, he was too badly hurt to escape, and I couldn't leave him to the Sevvets."
Boba Fett, to Goran Beviin[3]

Shogun was conquered by one of the ancient Mandalores years before the Great Sith War. According to legend, Mandalore the Indomitable had a vision while on the world, which provided him with a realization of great importance to Mandalorian theology. He returned to Mandalore and told his clansmen of it. New Republic historians connected this vision with the subsequent shift in the Mandalorian religion from worshiping the Destroyer God Kad Ha'rangir, to worshiping war itself.[4]

Later, Mandalore the Indomitable's successor, Mandalore the Ultimate, also had a vision on Shogun. This led him to decree that non-Taungs would be admitted to Mandalorian clans if they proved themselves worthy in battle and upheld Mandalorian honor.[4]

In 21 ABY, Fenn Shysa died on Shogun saving Boba Fett's life. Ailyn Vel later found Shysa's corpse on the planet, as well as the Slave IV.[1]

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