"I rejected the Jedi Order's exclusivity and established my own school for those attuned to the Force. I'm teaching them how to wield the Force as I do."
―Shon-Ju to Aayla Secura[src]

By the time of the Clone Wars, a Force school had been established by the former Jedi Shon-Ju. After his expulsion from the Jedi Order, he was inspired to create his own school for Force-sensitives. He took three students and taught them to use the Force the way he did, directing it through their hands. During the Clone Wars, his school relocated to the moon Cavamina Minor in order to pursue the mercenary Attuma Duum. There they rescued the Jedi Master Aayla Secura. Shon-Ju agreed to join with her, but later betrayed Secura. His actions led to him suffering injuries at her hands.


A Force school had been founded by the former Jedi Shon-Ju by 21 BBY. Shon-Ju had been exiled from the Jedi Order prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. When he was leaving the Jedi Temple, he met Count Dooku, a man who had left the Order; Dooku advised Shon-Ju to follow his own path. Shon-Ju then spent time in exile; he continued to hone his connection to the Force and found a tranquil balance and the ability to direct the Force through his hands. He rejected the exclusivity of the Jedi Order and established this school to teach his three students how to use the Force as he did. They all wore Jedi-style robes.

During the Clone Wars, Shon-Ju relocated his school to a retreat on the moon Cavamina Minor in order to put a stop to the mercenary Attuma Duum's operation. There they meet the Jedi Master Aayla Secura, who was pursued by Sabat, Duum's chief of security. Shon-Ju's students intervened and forced Sabat to flee. Secura passed out from her injuries and was taken to the castle.

When Secura woke up, she sought out Shon-Ju, and the two discussed Shon-Ju's life and teachings while the students trained down below them. He told Secura he was learning as much from his students as they were for him. The two Force-sensitives then agreed to join forces to stop Duum.

Shon-Ju and Secura infiltrated Attuma Duum's headquarters and were captured. While Duum was otherwise occupied, Shon-Ju broke free of his shackles. He betrayed Secura by renegging on their agreement to bring Duum in alive; Secura broke free of her shackles in time to save what was left of Duum. She and Shon-Ju started fighting each other, and Duum took the chance to escape. The struggle ended when Secura cut off Shon-Ju's hands with her lightsaber; the man ran into the flames of the dying station, telling Secura the Jedi kept taking from him.

Unbeknownst to Secura, Shon-Ju survived and returned to his students. The Ithorian assisted him while he was being fitted with new prosthesis. When the Ithorian commented that he was whole again, Shon-Ju used his new hands to shear through the 2-1B droid, saying he was more than whole.

Behind the scenes[]

The members of this school and their tenents appear in the 2010 graphic novella The Clone Wars: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju


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