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A GL vendor droid.

"How about taking a look at these items? Top-drawer titanium, guaranteed to last longer than your circuit boards."

Shopkeeper droids,[1] also known as vendor droids[2] or shopkeeping drones,[3] were a type of protocol droid[4] designed to function as merchants.[5] They were proprogrammed to be obsequious and desire to make customers happy.[2] The GL vendor droid was a model of shopkeeper droid.[6] Jawas[7] modified R1-series astromech droids[8] into R1-type shopkeeping drones.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Shopkeeper droids first appeared in "Duchess of Mandalore", the fourteenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' second season,[9] and it was first identified as such in the accompanying episode guide that was published on StarWars.com after the episode's initial airing.[1] In the third season episode "Evil Plans", a masculine shopkeeper droid was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker[5] while in the fifth season episode "Eminence" a feminine one was voiced by Anna Graves.[10]



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