The Shorak were a Near-Human sentient species that originated on the planet Shor, in the Unknown Regions. They were more muscular than baseline Humans, and they often dyed their hair deep colors and decorated their arms with tattoos. About 100 years before the Jedi Civil War, Shorak scouts discovered the nearby planet Giaca and over the next 50 years, a series of Shorak expeditions were launched to explore the new world.. However, when the Shorak eventually attempted to colonize Giaca, the military forces of the rival Peroenian species ambushed the colonists in the Giaca system, sparking a war between the two species that lasted for three hundred years. The Shorak were victorious in the conflict and they later established the settlement Station 300 on Giaca. However, their colonization attempt was unsuccessful and the Shorak later abandoned Station 300.

About 20 years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the Shorak returned to Giaca and expanded Station 300, renaming it "Station 3Z3." This ignited the interest of a number of regional powers—including the Peroenians—in Giaca, and representatives of a number of other worlds established outposts of Giaca, which led to a series of skirmishes between the Shorak and their rivals. By the time of the Battle of Endor, the Shorak had fortified Station 3Z3, which enabled it to support a permanent Shorak colony on Giaca, and by the time of the fall of the Galactic Alliance during the Sith–Imperial War, over 50,000 Shorak lived on Giaca. However, the Shorak were unable to secure full control of the world and regular military clashes occurred on Giaca between the Shorak and the Peroenians.

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