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The Short Range Transit Shuttle SST-67 (also referred to as the "Naboo Shuttle") was one of many SST models of intra-system shuttles from Republic Sienar Systems.


A user-friendly model designed for civilian use, the SST-67 was unarmed, shieldless, and had minimal armor. Its systems were easily accessed from inside and out for easy maintenance. The controls and sensor suites were recycled from a failed freighter design and easily mastered. The computers and communications arrays could be easily upgraded to full automation.

The shuttle was 23.2 meters long. The ship required a single pilot, who was seated in a small cabin. The gangplank led to a passenger area with benches to accommodate eighteen. To either side of the gangplank were a storage area and weapons locker respectively, allowing a total cargo of one metric ton and consumables for two days. Being for intra-system use, the design lacked a hyperdrive.


Sienar contracted with the governments of Naboo and other lightly-populated worlds to provide the inexpensive but efficient ships. A new SST-67 cost 82,000 credits; a used one cost only 20,000 credits.

Naboo shuttles were often used for trips between Naboo and Ohma-D'un. The Ithorian Captain Worlohp piloted one such shuttle called the Fair Gale.


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