Showdown is an adventure in The Kathol Rift, and is part of The DarkStryder Campaign. It is set in 8 ABY.


  • Episode One: Distress Call
  • Episode Two: Pursuit
  • Episode Three: Ambush in the Geyser Field
  • Episode Four: Mission's End

Plot summaryEdit

After receiving a distress call from an Imperial survey team on the planet Demonsgate, the FarStar prepare to send a landing party down to investigate and gain intelligence. Prior to launching, the navigator, Makezh, goes crazy, stealing the Codex the FarStar retrieved on the alien construct and taking an X-wing to the surface.

The landing party follow him down, and are ambushed by an Imperial strike force led by Mist. In turn, however, the Imperials are attacked by the Aing-Tii, who are seeking to recover the Codex from Makezh. The Aing-Tii take the Imperials and Makezh, although Mist manages to escape. In the aftermath, the scout "Gammer" Firdaaz, volunteers to stay behind on the planet to man the Lifeline Project, a communications link between the FarStar and the New Republic.


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