The Shreeyam'tiz was a Yuuzhan Vong bio-engineered lifeform that was related to the larger yammosks and dhuryams. Their only purpose was to disrupt the telepathic link between the yammosks and dhuryams and their slaves. The shreeyam'tiz first appeared in the seedship, whose purpose was to Vongform Yuuzhan'tar. The Shreeyam'tiz was used to disrupt the Dhuryams' control of their respective slaves, to prevent them from interfering in the tizo'pil Yun'tchilat, the Day of Knowing the Will of the Gods. However, the Shreeyam'tiz was killed by Jacen Solo when he detonated a blast bug bandoleer in the fluid vat the Shreeyam'tiz was carried in. This was part of a plot that Jacen Solo and the Dhuryam that would become the World Brain orchestrated, culminating in the murder of the remaining twelve Dhuryams.

The Shreeyam'tiz also disrupted other connections between Vong biots, such as the ones viewspiders established with biots to provide viewpoints.


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