The Shrine of Healing was a structure on the planet Voss that was sought by a few desperate pilgrims who journeyed through treacherous roads to reach this site located outside Voss-Ka. This imposing building was ancient and served as a shrine for the Voss Mystics healers with their incredible curative abilities able to knit bones, purge diseases and mend both the mind as well as the spirit. It was not a simple hospice but a monastery and retreat for the Voss Mystics. It had survived for ages and its rooms including entire floors had a purpose known only to the healers. The Shrine was protected by its own cadre of Voss commandos that patrol the nearby hills and were vigilant for any signs of Gormak.[1]

In the upper floors, the Voss conducted their Trials which were tests of faith and duty for the Mystics along with the most dedicated of outsiders. Any offworlder that succeeded the Trials were heavily regarded by the Voss though such successes were rare.[1]



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