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The Shrines of Kooroo or Temples of Kooroo were ancient stone monuments on several planets. Although their builders and purpose were a mystery,[2] they were claimed by the Fellowship of Kooroo to have been built to honor Kooroo.


The Temple of Kooroo on Vaynai.

The Shrines were all constructed according to the same basic plan. They had three levels, the lower two enclosed, and the upper open, with stone pillars supporting a roof. The enclosed chambers were accessible through doors, and sometimes contained untranslated hieroglyphics, art or even holograms. Around the Shrine, as much as 100 meters, were obelisks and standing stones arranged in a regular pattern.

Force-sensitives reported that the Shrines contained an "echo" effect, reflecting back their senses and permitting visions light-years away.[2]


In 11 ABY, experts dated the Shrines to be more than 20,000 years old.

They were located on planets throughout the Outer Rim, including Gelgelar, Boztrok, Sufezz, Branteez, and Vaynai. The vast distance between Gelgelar, inside or in the vicinity of Elrood sector, and Vaynai, near the Corporate Sector, indicates a very wide distribution of sites. A theory said that they were part of an ancient teleportation network.[2]

The Shrine on Gelgelar, located in the Gelgelar Free Port, was occupied by the Wise Man of Kooroo during the Galactic Civil War.[3]



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