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"They don't call me Danger Leader for nothing."
―Shriv Suurgav[src]

Shriv Suurgav was a Duros male who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Resistance. Throughout the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire, Suurgav participated in the Liberation of Sullust and the Battle of Endor as the leader of Danger Squadron. In the days after the Battle of Endor, Suurgav was contacted by Imperial defectors Iden Versio and Del Meeko of Inferno Squad. With Versio and Meeko, Suurgav helped end the Imperial attack on Naboo.

When the Rebel Alliance transitioned into the New Republic, Suurgav, Versio, and Meeko formed a new Inferno Squad and fought against Imperial forces in the Battle of Jakku, which saw the final defeat of the Empire. Decades later, when the First Order arose and posed a threat to the Republic, Suurgav joined General Leia Organa's Resistance. Along with Versio and her daughter, Zay, Suurgav helped the Resistance gain intelligence on the First Order Navy.


Galactic Civil War[]

Shriv Suurgav was present when Sullust was liberated from the Galactic Empire.[1]

Tracking TIEs[]

"To this exact spot. Which is why I told you it's dangerous for us to land here."
―Shriv Suurgav, to Nien Nunb[src]

Shriv Suurgav and Nien Nunb escape the worm-like species.

At some point, Suurgav and the Sullustan Nien Nunb tracked two TIE fighters to a dangerous planet, but they lost sight of the TIEs while entering the atmosphere. After landing, Suurgav insisted that they should have done a full scan for dangerous life forms. Shortly after, the ground moved and their starship, the Mellcrawler II, dropped into a cave covered in a green substance which clogged up the vessel. They discovered one of the TIE fighters, which was being eaten by blue, worm-like creatures. Suurgav managed to unclog the starship, and they escaped.[3]

Finding the informant[]

Soon after partaking in Endor's celebration after the Battle of Endor's conclusion, Shriv partook in another operation together with Nien Nunb, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian to track a potential informant now operating as a battle-racer. They then took the Millennium Falcon to Neskar Station to join a race under a set of aliases. During the race, they were attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Calrissian formed an impromptu Gold Squadron, forcing the warship to flee. The Rebels were able to interrogate Sebulba about the pirate attacks.[4]

Defending Naboo[]

Danger Squadron arrives at Naboo.

Eventually, Suurgav was present on the command bridge of the Restoration when it received a general distress call from Inferno Squad, an Imperial Special Forces commando unit whose operatives and crew, save for a few loyalists including Agent Gideon Hask, went rogue after the Imperial loyalist planet of Vardos was targeted by climate disruption arrays as part of Operation: Cinder. Commander Iden Versio and Agent Del Meeko, along with the crew of the Corvus, surrendered to the Rebel Alliance, and were brought on board the Restoration despite Suurgav's fear that it could be a trap. Suurgav brought his old friend General Lando Calrissian to the Restoration to speak with the rogue Imperials. In exchange for the intelligence provided on Operation: Cinder, Calrissian offered them two X-wing starfighters, which Iden feared the New Republic would use to track and monitor them, though Suurgav objected by stating the New Republic was too busy for that. When Calrissian and Suurgav learned Operation: Cinder was targeting Naboo, Calrissian offered Iden and Meeko a choice: to leave free, or to join them in combating Operation: Cinder. Iden and Meeko, though not wishing to join the New Republic, agreed to help and temporarily joined Danger Squadron under the callsigns Danger Five and Danger Six, partaking in the Battle of Theed.[1]

Shriv Suurgav meets with Leia Organa on Naboo.

Though Danger Squadron and the Restoration had crippled the Star Destroyer Torment and destroyed the remaining satellites, surviving Imperial forces had evacuated to Theed, which came under attack. Suurgav, Meeko, and Iden landed in the city and met with Princess Leia Organa, who split up with Meeko to defend him while he reactivated the city's defensive ionic pulse. Suurgav and Iden went to reactivate the other power relays; they eventually came under heavy attack from Imperial stormtroopers and an AT-ST scout walker, but Meeko was able to detonate the ionic pulse from the royal palace, disabling the Imperial weapons and forcing them to surrender. Suurgav caught Iden's ID10 seeker droid as it was effected by the ion pulse. Iden and Meeko were subsequently confronted by Organa, who learned from Calrissian that they were in fact the Imperial Inferno commandos. Moved by the battle, Iden told Organa that it took them too long to realize that they had been fighting for the wrong side in the war, and hoped to continue fighting with them. Organa complimented them as symbols of hope for the galaxy, and welcomed them to the New Republic.[1]

Returning to Sullust[]

"I know my way around Sullust. After all, I did help liberate this place."
―Shriv Suurgav, to Lando Calrissian[src]

Shriv Suurgav and Lando Calrissian battle stormtroopers in the weapons depot.

Inferno Squad was subsequently integrated into the New Republic Defense Force, with Suurgav filling Hask's spot as its third member, volunteered for the job by Calrissian himself. Suurgav took part in an Inferno mission to infiltrate an abandoned weapons depot on Sullust with General Calrissian in order to secure weapons for the Republic, though discovered that Imperial forces under Admiral Garrick Versio, Iden's father, had already captured the facility, causing Calrissian to change the mission's objective to instead destroying the facility altogether to prevent the Empire from getting the weapons. While Calrissian flooded the facility with lava, Suurgav captured an AT-ST scout walker for them to use to escape. However, they were unable to find an Imperial shuttle to escape the erupting volcano with. Climbing out of the scout walker, Suurgav sarcastically quipped to Calrissian that if he was going to die here, he was glad Calrissian would too. However, they were saved by Iden and the Corvus, arriving in the nick of time.[1]

Battle of Jakku[]

Shriv Suurgav watches the burning Star Destroyers with Iden Versio and Del Meeko.

Suurgav and Inferno Squad went on to participate in the Battle of Jakku one year after the Battle of Endor, in 5 ABY. Suurgav and Iden answered distress calls in their quadrant together, torching a crashed Star Destroyer that was deploying TIE bombers and reinforcing Captain Lindsey and his troops, who were on march to Carbon Ridge to capture an Imperial research facility. Afterwards, Suurgav and Iden defended the Corvus from Admiral Versio and Commander Hask's forces; Iden shot down her former squad mate and attempted to rescue her father from the Eviscerator. He declined her rescue attempt, but nevertheless made peace with his daughter in his final moments. Iden was found by Meeko in an escape pod in the deserts of Jakku after the battle was over. Suurgav, accompanied by the affectionate seeker droid, found the two kissing and showed them the ruins of the Imperial fleet, marking the end of the Empire and the beginning of a new era.[1]

Cold war[]


Shriv Suurgav and Zay Versio explain the Opportunity's surrender to Iden Versio.

Twenty nine years after the Battle of Jakku, Suurgav, now a member of the Resistance, located the Corvus on the remote planet Pillio on the edge of the Jinata system. However, it had been abandoned with none of its crew members nor its captain, Meeko, who had previously been on the planet investigating Project Resurrection. He contacted Iden and her daughter with Meeko, Zay Versio, summoning them to Pillio and, together, they journeyed to the previous destination of the Corvus, Athulla. There, they were contacted by an Athullan, who revealed that Jinata Security had been abducting Athullan families. Near the planet, the Corvus was attacked by a Jinata Security operative named Leema Kai. After Iden killed him and Zay threatened to fire missiles on their flagship, the Opportunity, Kai's men surrendered. They then learned that Jinata Security's headquarters were located on Vardos, Iden's homeworld.[1]

Shriv Suurgav and Iden Versio are surrounded by stormtroopers.

On Vardos, Suurgav, and Iden witnessed the Hosnian Cataclysm and found Gleb shot in the Archive and are captured by First Order stormtroopers commanded by a living Gideon Hask, who survived his ship crash at the Battle of Jakku and went on to serve as a First Order officer. Hask revealed to them that he had Gleb killed after her usefulness in Project Resurrection ran out, which involved the kidnapping of children to raise them as stormtroopers of the First Order. When Suurgav warned him that the Senate wouldn't stand for this, Hask informed the two that the Hosnian system was destroyed and that the First Order had spent the decades preparing while the Republic had taken no action. Hask revealed to Iden and Suurgav that he had killed Meeko on Pillio before having his Star Destroyer Retribution fire on the Corvus, where Zay had remained behind. He then ordered his stormtroopers to find out what the pair know about the Resistance then burn Kestro city.[1]

The Retribution is damaged in hyperspace.

Suurgav and Iden were able to escape, however, in the midst of a battle between Jinata Security and the First Order. They found Zay alive and hijacked TIE fighters to sneak on the Retribution and gather data that could be useful for the Resistance. The three split up with Suurgav going alone, though they later reunited when Zay and Iden found the schematics to the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought. Iden and Zay destroyed the Star Destroyer's hyperdrive while Suurgav found a means of escape, though in the ensuing chaos, Hask fatally shot Iden before falling to his own death after Iden shot him. The Retribution was ripped out of hyperspace during the final moments of the Battle of Starkiller Base at Starkiller Base itself; Zay then told Suurgav that although Iden had perished, there was still hope for the Resistance in the war.[1]

Suurgav and Zay returned to D'Qar in a TIE fighter, where he attempted to gain permission to land, though he was denied. General Organa herself made contact with them and informed them that the Resistance was evacuating, knowing that the First Order was still aware of the location of their base despite the destruction of the First Order's own Starkiller Base. She tasked them with locating their allies in the Outer Rim Territories, which the duo accepted. They jumped to hyperspace before the First Order arrived.[1]

The surviving members of the Resistance would regroup on Ryloth with their newly assembled allies. Although they were few in number, they were even shorter on equipment to continue their fight against the First Order. Shriv would eventually be placed in charge of the makeshift Dross Squadron, leading the team on a mission to steal starfighters from the planet Bracca. The group would succeed in stealing four X-wing starfighters.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Suurgav's T-70 X-wing

A misanthrope with a heart of gold nevertheless,[5] Shriv Suurgav held a sarcastic and at times cynical attitude and personality. Suurgav was particularly fond of Zay and liked to joke around with her.[1] However, after her mother Iden died, Suurgav became more serious and did his best to take care of her.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Shriv Suurgav first appeared in the campaign mode of the canon video game Star Wars Battlefront II, which was released in 2017. In Battlefront II, the character was performed by Dan Donohue.[1]



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