The Shroud was an Arakyd Industries Helix-class light interceptor. It was equipped with a GBp-629 hyperdrive, in addition to a few unspecified illegal modifications.

Doctor Cornelius Evazan once owned the craft but sold it to a Meego, a used-starship salesman, to fund the development of his reanimation serum. The ship was purchased by Mammon Hoole, so that he and his charges, Tash and Zak Arranda, could leave the planet Necropolis. The ship was sold without its memory banks being wiped, allowing its new owners to discover some information about Evazan's research. Hoole equipped the Shroud with a slave circuit, allowing him to hide it during their adventures and then call it out when needed.

The ship was nearly destroyed over the planet Kiva, when it was shot down by an automated defense system. Hoole managed to land it safely, and an Alliance team later rescued them.

The ship was assumed to have burned up in the atmosphere of the planet Koaan after Boba Fett fired a wrist rocket into the ion engine, attempting to kill Mammon Hoole.

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