Shroud Team was a military unit of the Rebel Alliance which acted mainly as spies and infiltrators.[1]

Under the command of old Jin Dutra Zeneta, Shroud Team worked from Corint City, on planet Pirik, and from there they made Divis Arm an axis of rebellion during the Empire. Apparently, the Empire never managed to stop the Shroud Team.[1]

Besides Zeneta, another important agent of Shroud Team was Thilis-Brin, who served as chief technician, procurement specialist and SpecForc agent.[1]

During the Wellte-ir Massacre, Zeneta's other unit, Scandium Team, was soundly defeated and most of their members killed. Since then, Zeneta began to show suicidal tendencies. However, he asked the Rebel command for permission to use Shroud Team as a Foster Agent group, working hard to make isolated agents comfortable.[1]

To do so, Zeneta recruited Rodian Dheendo as his chief Foster Agent, and Carosite Tamo Lan as medic.[1]

The Shroud Team also took part in the battle of Archais, alongside Midnight and Storm Squadrons from Eclipse Team. The three units of Rebel Special Forces fought a faction of Imperial-backed Assassin's Guild's forces and Imperial forces led by lieutenant colonel Freja Covell.[1]

When the Rebel forces were having a hard time, the untimely desertion of Rebel officer Mosara Thiirn led to an amount of damage and the death of many members of the three Rebel units.[1]

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Members of Shroud Team
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