"The Shu-Torun war minister was my sister. She is dead, along with the rest of my family. I must fulfill all the royalty's roles."
―Queen Trios, to Darth Vader[src]

The Shu-Torun royalty was the royal family of the Monarch of Shu-Torun, a volcanic, resource-rich world located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. During the Age of the Empire, the royal family ruled Shu-Torun in the name of Emperor Sheev Palpatine of the Galactic Empire. At the time of the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the people of Shu-Torun were led by an elderly king who had a son and two daughters. The eldest, Prince Monthan, stood to succeed his father as the next king of Shu-Torun. His younger sister, Princess Hollian, would inherit the title of celebrant warlord upon the king's death. The youngest of the three heirs, Princess Trios, would serve the royal family in a different way than that of her brother and sister, as intended by their father.[1]

Upon the arrival of the Emperor's emissary, Darth Vader, Trios guided the Sith Lord into the royal palace where he was ambushed by a group of Shu-Torun soldiers who claimed to oppose both the king and the Empire. In truth, they were part of the king's conspiracy to assassinate Vader. Despite his efforts, including an attempt to sacrifice Trios in order to kill the Sith visitor, Vader escaped the king's traps while ensuring Trios' survival as well. Ultimately, the king and his two eldest children were killed by the Sith Lord's assassin droid, BT-1, leaving Trios to inherit the throne as queen of Shu-Torun.[1]

Trios' accession to the throne was met with resistance from the ore-dukes of Shu-Torun, resulting in a civil war on her homeworld. The insurrection prompted Vader to return to Shu-Torun at the head of an army in order to maintain the Empire's control of the planet's resources.[3] With the Empire's support, the royalist faction succeeded in defeating the rebellion led by Duke Rubix, allowing Trios to remain in power as the Empire's vassal.[4]

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