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Shuldene was a planet in the Yarith sector of the Outer Rim Territories' Greater Javin region. Formerly a waterworld with abundant aquatic life, Shuldene froze solid after undergoing an orbital shift. Tourists occasionally visited the planet to amaze at the carcasses of massive sea creatures poking through the glassy ice surface.


The planet Shuldene was the namesake of the Shuldene system, which was located near the Coreward-most tip of the Yarith sector, within the Greater Javin region of the Outer Rim Territories'[1] Western Reaches.[2] Shuldene sat at the nexus of two hyperlanes: "The Loop," which circled the Kiax Nebula to link Shuldene with the regional planets Lutrillia and Mijos,[1] and the Cerean Reach, which led back to the Mid Rim.[2]

Shuldene was once a waterworld with abundant aquatic life, but an orbital shift froze the planet solid. The surface turned glassy smooth, except where the carcasses of[1] massive[2] sea creatures poked up through the ice.[1]


During the Galactic Republic's expansion into the Greater Javin in the millennium before the Galactic Civil War, entrepreneur Ecclessis Figg blazed lucrative hyperspace routes through the region that paved the way for its economic development. Where Shuldene had once been barricaded among the Twin Nebulae gas clouds, the chief impediments to regional navigation, Figg's new hyperlanes through the Kiax Nebula connected Shuldene with the heart of the Greater Javin along the Corellian Trade Spine.[1]

Shuldene was originally grouped as part of the Republic's Javin sector and later the Anoat sector, before finally being reorganized into the Yarith sector some generations after Figg's death[1] circa 400 BBY.[3] Tourists sometimes visited Shuldene to see its frozen surface and gaze in awe at the dead sea creatures suspended in the ice.[2]

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Shuldene was created for the 2004 Wizards of the Coast online article "Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin," a Star Wars Roleplaying Game supplement.[1] The Essential Atlas, published in 2009, added to Shuldene's lore.[2]


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