Shusko Station was a mining operation in the Gam Tim'nisi asteroid belt. It was owned by Kelko's family, who also owned several other businesses throughout the galaxy.

The clan to which Kelko's father belonged was at war with the clan of his mother, so they both had to run away. A third clan assassinated the young couple, as the war of these two clans was of their interest. However, the father's and the mother's clans, worried about the disappearance of the young couple, united against a common foe, annihilated the third clan and made peace.

A member of the clan, Govenni, searched for their long-lost relative and his own grandson, Kelko. He found him working as a freelance mechanic and pilot at Shusko Station, aided only by a second-hand droid. Govenni revealed to Kelko details about his heritage and told him that he could choose at least one of the family businesses. Kelko decided to keep Shusko Station instead of other profitable businesses like casinos and resorts.

After Kelko took over, Shusko Station quickly became one of the most profitable small mining operations on the Outer Rim Territories.

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