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Shuttle TY922 was a stolen Sentinel-class landing craft piloted by Kanan Jarrus and Captain Rex during the attempt to rescue the Fulcrum Agent Kallus from Thrawn's Star Destroyer.[4]


As a Sentinel-class landing craft, Shuttle TY992 had a tri-wing design. It was also capable of hyperspace travel and could carry several passengers.[4]


Shuttle TY992 was acquired by the rebellion during the Age of the Empire. In 2 BBY, the rebels Kanan Jarrus and Rex used the shuttle as part of the secondary phase of a mission to rescue the rogue Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus. While their initial plan was to rescue Kallus from Lieutenant Yogar Lyste's Arquitens-class command cruiser, Kanan and Rex were forced to change their plans after Lyste brought Ezra Bridger aboard Grand Admiral Thrawn's Star Destroyer Chimaera.[4]

After Chopper obtained the necessary clearance codes, Rex and Kanan were able to land in the Chimaera's hangar bay. Following a brief fight involving Governor Arihnda Pryce and Lieutenant Lyste, Rex and Kanan managed to reunite with Ezra and the droids Chopper and AP-5. However, Kallus elected to stay behind to continue helping the rebels from behind Imperial lines.[4]

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Shuttle TY992 first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode "Through Imperial Eyes", which first premiered on February 25, 2017.



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