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Shuttle TYA77 was a Sentinel-class landing craft that transported Ezra Bridger to the Chimaera along with Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Yogar Lyste.[2]


As a Sentinel-class landing craft, Shuttle TYA77 had a tri-wing design. It was stationed aboard Lieutenant Yogar Lyste's Arquitens-class command cruiser and was used to ferry passengers.[2]


In 2 BBY, Shuttle TYA77 ferried Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Yogar Lyste from Lyste's light cruiser to Grand Admiral Thrawn's Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. They were accompanied by the captured bounty hunter Ezra Bridger and the droids Chopper and AP-5. Lyste had brought the former as a trophy to showcase his triumph while Chopper and AP-5 had come on the pretext of presenting evidence against Ezra for stealing a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle from Lothal's Capital City spaceport. In reality, Ezra and the droids were part of a rebel plot to rescue Kallus, who was secretly the rebel informant known as Fulcrum.[2]

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Shuttle TYA77 first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode "Through Imperial Eyes", which premiered on February 25, 2017.



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