Shuuru was a male Selkath who served as representative of the planet Manaan, the sole producer of Kolto, during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. He became part of the Rift Alliance at one point.


Shuuru was active politically at least from the time of the Devastation of Manaan, during which time, despite his loathing of the Sith, he was instrumental in negotiating the resumption of trade relations with the Sith Empire. Shuuru believed that offering the use of the Mercantile Plaza to both the Republic and the Sith, as Ahto City had in the past, would galvanize the Republic into action, and make them pay more attention to defending Manaan and acting in its interests.[2]

During the Cold War, he represented the Selkath with the Rift Alliance, a separatist group that thought to secede from the Republic if it did not respond to the groups protests. The Selkath provided scientists and troops to the Alliance, despite its policy of neutrality. Shuuru was exceptionally skeptical of the Republic's ability to meet the Alliance's needs, and was very bitter about the lack of Republic aid after the Sith bombarded his homeworld.

Attack on the FortitudeEdit

Having joined the Rift Alliance, Shuuru set out with his bodyguard, to the alliance's flagship, the Fortitude, in the outer rim where they would await a negotiator from the Republic. Close to the planet of Deralia, the ship was however suddenly attacked and boarded by a Sith taskforce led by the Sith Lords Arrax, Tasandra and Melikah. Shuuru was taken captive along with his fellow representatives on the ship's bridge and was told to be executed. Senator Grell's daughter Nadia Grell had however eluded capture, and managed to contact the newly christened Barsenthor and informed him of their situation.[1]

The Barsen'thor fought his way to the bridge where he was just in time as the Sith Lord Arrax was about to execute Senator Grell. The Jedi dueled with the Sith and won. After being freed, Shuuru and the other alliance members rushed to the Jedi and Senator Grell. They were informed that the ship was set on a collision course with the nearby planet of Deralia. The Sith had also destroyed the life support, so they hoped that the Barsen'thor had a ship to use for their evacuation. Senator Grell proposed to overload the engines in the hopes for a course change, but it would crash the ship in the nearby moon of Deralia. Nadia Grell, the senator's daughter blurted out that they couldn't do that, but Shuuru cut her of as they had no time for such babbling. The Jedi found her idea noteworthy though, as the impact would change the tide of the moon and affect the situation on the planet, disastrously. In the end they decided to use the ship's thrusters to maneuver the ship into the planet's orbit. They would each man a console manually and steer the Fortitude using teamwork. They followed the Jedi closely as he battled through the remaining Sith forces from the command deck to the cargo bay. In the cargo bay, the surviving bodyguards, including Shuuru's were in the midst of battle against the Sith Lord Tasandra. The Barsen'thor joined the fight and defeats the Sith. They proceeded to the Engine room where each manned a thruster console and successfully steered the ship into a steady orbit. They then evacuated to the Barsen'thor's personal ship.[1]

Freeing BalmorraEdit


Shuuru on the Barsen'thor's ship

Safely aboard the Barsen'thor's ship, the representatives gathered for a meeting with the Jedi who was the Republic's representative. The Jedi was there to serve their needs to some extent and to show that the Republic respected them. Each of the representatives introduced themselves, but while Senator Grell introduced Shuuru, he forgot the name of his planet. Shuuru became irritated and replied that it was nice to know his devastated homeworld was so memorable. They then agree that the Jedi assist Balmorra's representative, Tai Cordan in freeing his homeworld. This would prove that the Republic isn't a failure, and if Balmorra was freed they would rejoin the Republic once more. Shuuru comments that since the Fortitude is out of commission, they will stay on the Barsen'thor's ship and keep an eye on things.[3]

The Jedi was successful in liberating Balmorra, and Tai Cordan became its new president. So in accordance with their agreement they rejoined the Republic and offered their droid forces. Shuura participated in the farewell of Tai as the latter was leaving the ship for his planet.[4]

Atiss StationEdit

During the time of their stay at Balmorra, the Rift Alliance had received reports of Imperial activity near their research facility, Atiss Station on Quesh, and the updates from the facility had ceased at the same time. They did not want the Jedi to know of this, especially as Shuuru had still considered himself neglected by the Republic. Unbeknownst to the other diplomats Senator Grell spoke in private with the Jedi and revealed the situation,. The Barsen'thor set out immediately to save the facility and save any researchers still alive. The Jedi returned successful, and even saved two researchers of the Selkath species, where one was the head researcher Tsuusha. The Barsen'thor called for a meeting, which the representatives already knew the subject of. They apologized to the Jedi, who said that trust could not be built on mistrust. They agreed and focused their attention on the research facility, as they now felt it needed to have double the guard efforts.[5]

Pirates on HothEdit

Sometime prior to the event on Atiss Station, the Rift Alliance started receiving strange reports from their coalition forces on Hoth. They were tasked to find and root out the pirates responsible for attacks on their shipping lanes. They thought it would have been a quick mission, but the pirates had not deigned to stay defeated. Senator Grell asked the Barsen'thor once more to aid them, so they steered the ship to Hoth. While being asked to standby for landing clearance, Shuura couldn't keep his irritation in and berated the Republic bureaucracy for treating them like pirates. Senator Grell reminded him that the Republic had a right to be cautious. Upon being granted clearance, Shuuru bid the Jedi good luck and to show those pirates who was in charge. Shuura and the others met with the Jedi as it returned victorious. The Selkath would have preferred that the pirate leader Valon had been killed instead of imprisoned, but such was not the Jedi way. He agreed and thanked the Jedi for saving their soldiers, as they were the ones that mattered the most.[6]

Waypoint Station 3Edit

The royalty of the planet Serkhai which Senator Grell represented had decided to donate several troops to the Rift Alliance's cause. But since the Barsen'thor had been on Hoth at the moment the alliance received the message, Blaesus was sent as an envoy. He had not been in contact with the alliance since then, so the Rift Alliance asked the Barsen'thor to go and see what had happened. It would be revealed that Blaesus was in fact a Sith lord, and the master of Kyrus who had orchestrated the attack on Attis station. The Jedi would defeat them both and rescue the royal dignitaries, but at the cost of the soldiers' lives. They all convened at the holocommunicator on the ship where Tai Cordan informed them that he had also experienced a possible betrayal. The Jedi Master Syo Bakarn contacted them at the same time, informing them that the Empire had attacked and that the galaxy was at war once more. Bakarn pleaded for the Rift Alliance to help them as they were the last remaining worlds that stood strong. He also informed them that the Supreme Chancellor had invoked the law for Jedi to serve in military leadership positions. The Barsen'thor would be in charge of the Rift Alliance forces and strike back at the Empire. All representative, including Shuuru acknowledged their support.[7]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Manaan! Good to know my devastated world is so memorable!"
―Shuuru to Senator Grell after the latter forgets the name of the Selkath homeworld[src]

Shuuru was a stoic Selkath with little patience for unnecessary squabbling. After the bombardment of Manaan he held the Republic in slight contempt for not aiding them during the crisis, and was skeptical of the Republic's ability to meet the Rift Alliance's needs.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shuuru was created for Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. He appeared in the Consular's class quest "An Alliance of Opposites".


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