"The Shuxl Brotherhood. My species. Very clever, very powerful. They betray my employer."
―Quush tells Riley and her sibling to target the brotherhood[src]

The Shuxl Brotherhood was a clever and powerful criminal gang of Kadas'sa'Nikto who were active on the planet Burnin Konn during the Galactic Empire's Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector. At one time the brotherhood was affiliated with another criminal group present on Burnin Konn called the Ivax Syndicate; however, the Shuxl Brotherhood betrayed the syndicate. In response, the syndicate requested through their representative Nogba Quush that the smuggler Riley and her younger sibling attack the brotherhood and take everything they had. The siblings agreed, and the younger of the pair attacked and killed a large number of the brotherhood's members on Burnin Konn. Satisfied that revenge had been taken, Quush agreed to prevent either Imperial or criminal interference while the siblings confronted the Cadevon Family.[1]

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The Shuxl Brotherhood first appeared as a group of enemies in the video game Star Wars: Uprising, which was released to mobile platforms in 2015.


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