"How long have you watched this door? A year? How many of us have you seen fall? Half a dozen? Can you even conceive of a leader who walks down the street on his own?"
"Of course, sir—"
"Really? This can be our little secret, then."
―Si-Di-Ri converses with the Tiss'shar who confronted him outside his home[1]

Si-Di-Ri was a male Tiss'shar and the President of the Tiss'sharl League on the planet Tiss'sharl during 0 ABY. Eight months into that year, the Sith Lord Darth Vader of the Galactic Empire paid a visit to Si-Di-Ri and the League, which acted as the government of Tiss'sharl, forcing them to lower the prices of the TaggeCo blaster cartridges they sold to the Empire. Following a failed assassination attempt against Si-Di-Ri, Vader used the President to lure out a representative from the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as Si-Di-Ri was dealing with the Alliance in light of the price cuts the Empire demanded. After figuring out that Vader had used him, Si-Di-Ri realized that everyone had a higher master, even a president. He then resigned as the head of the Tiss'sharl League.


"Colleagues—It's been my honor to serve with you, but I've reached a decision…"
―Si-Di-Ri resigns[1]

A male Tiss'shar, Si-Di-Ri was the President of the Tiss'sharl League, the planetary government of the world Tiss'sharl, by 0 ABY, at the time of the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Assassinations commonly shaped politics on Tiss'sharl, and Si-Di-Ri used them to get himself to the presidential position, although he still managed to make Vice President Astre-De-Kay one of his good friends. Though the League was allied with the Empire,[1] Si-Di-Ri was secretly sympathetic to the Alliance's cause, and he supplied the Rebels with Tiss'shar technology through the Rebel Timi Rotramel, a Mon Calamari senator.[2] Eight months into 0 ABY, during a bout of assassinations in the Tiss'sharl League, the Sith Lord Darth Vader of the Empire arrived on Tiss'sharl to introduce the planet's new Imperial Liaison, Commander Demmings. When Si-Di-Ri's personal chef, who prepared the dinner for the two groups, complained that Vader would not be eating at the event, Si-Di-Ri chastised him in front of the Dark Lord.[1]

Si-Di-Ri as President of the Tiss'sharl League

Si-Di-Ri attended the dinner and was accompanied by other League members, such as Vice President Geor-Dan-Thi. The Vice President had rapidly risen to his rank following a series of assassinations that had paved the way for his current position after they killed off certain Tiss'shar, including Astre-De-Kay. At the dinner, Vader introduced Demmings and then required the League to lower the prices of the TaggeCo blaster cartridges they sold exclusively to the Empire, an act he had done twice before that year. Vader gave them a day to comply, and also commented that Si-Di-Ri was to not be harmed or targeted for lowering the prices.[1]

In the night, Si-Di-Ri was attacked by a Tiss'shar assassin while he was on the balcony of his residence. The President was shot in the shoulder, though his guards managed to drive off the assassin. In the morning, Si-Di-Ri left alone from the residence and was briefly confronted by a Tiss'shar at the doorway, who asked where he was going. Si-Di-Ri then made his way to a meeting with Rotramel, who was then a former senator after the Empire had discarded the Imperial Senate. There, Rotramel offered to set up an Alliance base on Tiss'sharl and protect the planet from the Empire in order to keep intact Tiss'sharl's economy, though Si-Di-Ri wondered at the feasibility of that option.[1]

Vader soon interrupted the meeting, after being informed of the President's leaving by the Tiss'shar who had earlier asked Si-Di-Ri where he was going, and killed Rotramel. Vader complimented Si-Di-Ri on bringing the Alliance representative to him, and let Si-Di-Ri keep the current price for the blaster cartridges, as the lowering of the price had been meant to force Si-Di-Ri to deal with the Alliance and thus draw a representative to Tiss'sharl. Later, after realizing that, despite his climb to the top of the Tiss'shar ladder, there would always be a greater master pulling the strings,[1] and that his loyalty to the Empire might one day be questioned,[2] Si-Di-Ri chose to take the extremely unorthodox step of resigning as president. He declared his intention in front of the other members of the League and was succeeded by Geor-Dan-Thi.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"How can the Rebellion protect Tiss'sharl from the shadows?"
―The President questions Rotramel's proposition[1]

Si-Di-Ri was in contact with the Rebel Rotramel.

An orange-eyed, gold-skinned Tiss'shar, Si-Di-Ri was a master of finance who was able to rise to the position of president, though this rise was aided by the use of some political assassinations. The Tiss'shar was also knowledgeable on the political scene of his planet and was worried about Geor-Dan-Thi's rise. Despite the Tiss'sharl League's allegiance to the Galactic Empire,[1] Si-Di-Ri was covertly sympathetic to the Alliance's cause and even supplied the Alliance with Tiss'shar technology through Rotramel.[2] After the bouts of assassinations and the attempt against him, Si-Di-Ri soon began to feel that his current state of well being was only temporary, and he wondered if the League had always had so many assassinations.[1]

Although Darth Vader warned the other Tiss'shar of the League that no repercussions of the lowering of the price should be aimed at the President, Si-Di-Ri knew his promise was meaningless, as betrayal was as common in the Empire as it was in the League. The President also considered himself defiled just because he laid eyes upon Vader. The encounter with Vader and the death of Rotramel caused Si-Di-Ri to resign, because he realized that no matter how far he climbed up the political ladder, there would always be a greater master.[1] Another reason for Si-Di-Ri's resignation was because he was not sure how long he could maintain the ruse of loyalty to the Empire.[2]

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Si-Di-Ri first appeared in Empire 31, a Dark Horse comic book that was written by Scott Allie, illustrated by Joe Corroney, and published in 2005. He later received his own entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in 2008.



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