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"Looks like our guests got a little too curious for their own good."
―Sib Canay[1]

Sib Canay was a male Neimoidian Trade Federation officer and Separatist conspirator during the Clone Wars. Canay with the help of the Separatists hired the the Bounty hunter Greedo and his Gotal accomplice to kidnap the Chairman Papanoida's daughters in order to coerce him into aligning Pantora with the Separatists.


Sib Canay

Sib Canay negotiating with chairman Notluwiski Papanoida.

Sib Canay was most influential Neimoidian during the Blockade of Pantora during the Pantoran crisis after the Battle of Orto Plutonia. He was in command of the Trade Federation blockade of the planet Pantora, legalized under the pretense that Pantora had to repay it's debt to the Federation, and with no motivation to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was defeated after Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Senator Chuchi came aboard his ship to rescue Chairman Papanoida's daughter, who was being held hostage. After the rescue, he and a platoon of B2 super battle droids confronted the Padawan and her compatriots and attempted to arrest them. Tano defeated the droids and was about to arrest Sib Canay when one of his Commanders arrived with a troop of Neimoidian guards. Canay confessed to his crimes and surrendered to Tano, after agreeing to remove the blockade of Pantora.

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Sib Canay was voiced by Corey Burton, who also provides the voices for Count Dooku and Chairman Papanoida.



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