Sibarra the Hutt was based on the planet Kluistar, where he secretly ran the Ace of Sabres. He had his fingers in smuggling, bribery, slavery, counterfeiting, black market operations, data fixing, and trafficking in stolen information.


Sibarra was an outcast from Hutt society and in turn, he hated all other Hutts.

Sibarra used the Ace of Sabres casino as a front for his criminal operations as well as using the draw and allure of the casino to open up new opportunities. He would provide free getways for high-ranking members of royalty, corporations and the Galactic Empire and then use their gambling habits to gain leverage on the important VIPs. Sibarra had the Ace of Sabres wired for surveillance and used the information he found out for bribery or blackmail. He would also offer attractive guests free wilderness tours and then sell them into slavery.

Personality and traitsEdit

Many thought that Sibarra was deranged and it was theorized that the implants and prosthesis may have caused mental problems. He was extremely moody and prone to sudden fits of rage. He went out of his way to harass his competitors which often caused many problems. He enjoyed the looks of revulsion and disgust his appearance provoked and firmly believed the only way to lead was by fear.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Sibarra's main source of power and influence came from his criminal empire. He was skilled at running both the legitimate and illegal aspects of his financial empire and his ability to bargain, con, or intimidate those brought before him.


Due to previous injuries Sibarra had numerous cybernetic enhancements. They included a CyTac Shock-Spike tail, a CyTac cyber-claw hand, and a Neuro-Saav enhanced eye. The tail was especially dangerous when he was angry and many innocent bystanders were killed when he lashed out in a sudden fit of rage.

For transportation he used a Nimbus Rider 2000.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sibarra the Hutt was designed by Paul Danner and Bill Smith for Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games in 1997.

He was designed to be the criminal mastermind behind the Ace of Sabres and the cause of all the danger and corruption that the players may face in the casino.


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