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Sicemon (also spelled Siceman) was a planet located in the Sice system that was covered in vast grasslands and mounds. Inhabited by giant flying whales, it was home to a city that was used as a base by the Rebel Alliance.[1]

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Sicemon appeared in early scripts of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi as the site of Jabba's palace,[2] through by the rough draft the palace had been moved to Tatooine and the world instead became home to a rebel base. Nicknamed the "grass planet," it was allocated several sets, including a war room and living quarters,[1] but was eventually written out of the final version of the story.[3] Concept art of Sicemon illustrated by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston was later used to depict the Castle Lands of Alderaan in the 1995 Star Wars Legends book The Illustrated Star Wars Universe[4] and inspired the design of the grassland planets Maridun[5] and Lothal.[6]

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