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The Siege of Sellasas took place shortly after the Battle of Yavin.

During the Galactic Civil War, a Rebel strike team laid siege to Sellasas for seven weeks before making a final assault on the Imperial army garrison.[1] Unfortunately, the Rebel commander was so determined to eliminate the Imperial presence on Sellasas that he cared little for the welfare of the civilian populace, and many civilians died as a result. Tyionsis Cex's family was one such example of the civilian casualties suffered on Sellasas. A Srrors'tok merchant family unconcerned with the politics of the war, they nonetheless died one by one over the course of the siege. Finding himself to be the last male of his line, Cex took up arms against the Rebel invaders. Commander Amara Jedselk, second-in-command of the garrison, saved the Srrors'tok's life after he was severely wounded in the Rebels' final assault on the garrison, despite being wounded repeatedly herself. Together, the two managed to evade capture for several days until the Rebel strike team withdrew from the planet. Three days later, a navy relief force arrived under the command of Admiral Kedler.


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