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Following an Imperial victory at the world of Sagma, an Imperial fleet commanded by Admiral Wullf Yularen and Captain Bannidge Holt besieged the planet Zygerria in 18 BBY. The Imperial force was composed of Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers—originally intended for the government of the Corporate Sector region—and a few Venator-class Star Destroyers housing squadrons of TIE/LN starfighters. The siege was part of the Listehol Campaign, an Imperial strike at hyperlanes of the Listehol Run and the Shaltin Tunnels to remove Zygerrian and Tervig slavers, who were backed up by Sikurdian pirates from that area. The interdiction ended when the native Zygerrians negotiated peace with an Imperial Advisor who arrived with stormtrooper reinforcements. The siege was followed by a set of raids conducted by the Imperials against the planet Tervissis.[1]

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The siege was first mentioned in The Essential Guide to Warfare, an extensive guide dedicated to the conflicts in the galaxy, written by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart and released in 2012.[1]

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