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"The warehouses were fortified some time before, in preparation for such an event as this. If they hadn't surrendered, we might have lost a lot of lives storming the place."
Rumo Takashi[src]

A siege took place on Fremond III in 2 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War. Members of the Rebel Alliance cell on Fremond III made an attempt to infiltrate Imperial Prefect Glaffold's government offices in Camaa. They were successful in their mission but they were eventually discovered by the Empire. The Rebels took refuge in a warehouse complex fortified in preparation for such an event as this. Imperial troopers under Rumo Takashi surrounded the buildings and, after a three days siege, the Rebel forces eventually surrendered. All the Rebels were captured but they had managed to transmit information collected in the government offices to a ship in orbit.

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