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This article is about the Human thief. You may be looking for Sienn'rha the Twi-lek female or Sien, the Sullustan.

Sienn Sconn was a male Human thief, hailing from Ryvellia in the Avhn-Bendara system. When he was seven years old, he lost both his parents at the hand of Imperial agents during an uprising in the capital city of Ryvellia, when the Empire opened fire on the dissidents with a battery of turbolasers. This resulted in most of the city block that Sienn lived in being destroyed and most of its residents being killed.

This instilled an insatiable hatred of the Empire in Sienn, who was subsequently raised by his uncle, the rogue Cryle Cavv. Cavv taught Sienn the art of thievery and eventually Sienn rose to be among the best of master thieves. Sienn would use a range of unique equipment that he was given by his uncle.

Having been taught moral ethics by his uncle and having a sophisticated sense of what is right and wrong, Sienn only stole from obnoxiously rich people and organization, from crime lords, and, obviously, from Imperials. While not officially affiliated with the Rebel Alliance or New Republic, Sienn was known to sometimes cooperate with them against the Empire.

He was hired by Draskha the Hutt to steal Rythani Products's latest prototype weapon from Moff Caerbellak and later helped capture the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Guardian.



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