"All ships, this is General Bel Iblis. We've just been informed that a strong Frezhlix force is moving on the Sif'krie homeworld of Sif'kric."
Garm Bel Iblis[src]

Sif'kric was a planet in the Mezeg sector of the Mid Rim. This planet was attacked during the Caamas Document Crisis.


"Corran, what are these pommwomm plants you mentioned?"
"They're a type of hot-world shrub that grows on the system's inner planet. You can get about eight different exotic medicines and twice that number of food flavorings out of them."
Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn[src]

Sif'kric was home to the Sif'kries, a people who were constantly feuding with the Frezhlix who shared the Sif'kric system with them. Sif'kric was one of the outer worlds in the Sif'kric system. An inner world was a hot-world where pommwomm plants were grown and exported to Sif'kric annually. These plants were the basis of the Sif'kric economy.[2]


"Ten to one it's the Frezhlix; they've been feuding with the Sif'kries ever since we chased the Empire out of the area."
―Corran Horn[src]

During the Caamas Document Crisis, in 19 ABY, the Frezhlix blockaded the planet Sif'kric. The Frezhlix justification was the Sif'krie's opposition to the Drashtine Initiative in their sector assembly, demanding that the Bothans pay reparations for the destruction of Caamas. Up to 20% of their yearly pommwomm production was at risk of being wiped out, but the blockade was broken by New Republic forces under Wedge Antilles and Garm Bel Iblis.[2]


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