"All ships, this is General Bel Iblis. We've just been informed that a strong Frezhlix force is moving on the Sif'krie homeworld of Sif'kric."
Garm Bel Iblis[src]

The Sif'krie, from the planet Sif'kric in the Sif'kric system, had an economy based on the export of the highly perishable and valuable pommwomm plants. They shared their system with the Frezhlix, who began feuding with them as soon as the Galactic Empire pulled out.

In 19 ABY, when a Frezhlix fleet blockaded their system, up to 20% of their yearly planetary income was at risk of being wiped out. The stated motivation of the Frezhlix was to make the Sif'krie reconsider their position on the Caamas Document in their sector assembly, thus making their sector support the Drashtine Initiative in the New Republic Senate and its demand for punishment of the Bothans. Though the Sif'krie were unable to put a formal request for military aid through, the New Republic forces commanded by Garm Bel Iblis and Wedge Antilles arrived to investigate anyway. When the Frezhlix fired on New Republic X-wings who had broken through their lines (supposedly to investigate smugglers), the New Republic returned fire, and defeated the blockading fleet.

With the Frezhlix threat eliminated, the Sif'krie felt secure enough to bolster the pro-Bothan forces helping to defend Bothawui. Sif'krie skiffs fought alongside the Diamala-led fleet, and later the New Republic coalition, at a battle at Bothawui.


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